“Without exception, the projects were delivered on time and within budget but, importantly, the customer experience was pleasurable and their expectations were exceeded which made the end product something that we were proud to be associated with.”   Richard Kimpton, Group Managing Director, Kimpton Building Services

Our success as a business over the years has depended on delivering quality time and again. We have always done this by building strong relationships with our clients, getting to know their needs and working closely with relevant stakeholders to make sure that we bring projects in on time, to budget and exceeding expectations.

When you choose Hightown Group, you get access to unrivalled expertise, a keen commitment to quality controls to deliver exceptional standards and a focus on individual needs, tailoring new builds and refurbishments to exact specifications and clearly defined budgeting.

We achieve this by bringing openness and collaboration to the forefront of our operation. As a family owned business, we take great pride in how we engage with everyone from our clients to our supply chain, bringing the right teams and individuals, processes and solutions to bear on each project.

That quality is not simply about the finished build and how it looks on the surface. It includes managing the hurdles that come with any significant construction project, finding sustainable and sensible solutions to any potential problem and that’s why our quality guarantee also reflects our aftercare maintenance and the warranty cover which comes with each collaboration.


From our Directors down to individual team members and the supply chain we employ, everything that Hightown Group does is geared towards success. That means, when your business contacts us, we immediately put in the processes and procedures that guarantee your new build or refurbishment will be delivered to your expectations, on time and to budget.

Success doesn’t come without a lot of hard work, of course. To ensure we bring the very best to your building project, we have a number of key factors in place. One is making sure our teams are up to speed and qualified to do the job. We are not a building firm that believes in standing still. We are always developing our skills, adding to our team and making sure we have the right people in place to take any build from the key planning and development stage through to successful completion.

  • We have the right strategic teams in place including high quality leaders who know how to source the best individuals for the job at hand.
  • We deliver project planning and management that is second to none in the region, carried out in conjunction with key stakeholders.
  • We source the right materials and use the best in sustainable construction methods that not only help keep costs down but reduces environmental impact.
  • We believe in the best health and safety recording and planning with all staff fully trained to do the jobs they have been tasked and inspections and assessments carried out at key stages of any build.

Extended Warranty                                                

At Hightown Group, we put the customer first. That’s easy for any business to say but our attention to detail, the way we work with clients from the initial planning stages through to completion and any maintenance beyond, is proof that we take it seriously and is one of the main reasons we have gained a strong reputation for consistent delivery over the last 30+ years.

As a family run business with a great reputation, we believe that backing up the quality of our products and services is vital. That’s why we provide an extended warranty promise which gives our clients the kind of peace of mind that is needed for large projects and a substantial investment on their part.

We offer a 2-year warranty on all work undertaken and we can do this because we pay attention to the quality of service that we provide. It’s also the reason that many of our clients choose to return to us when they have new construction or building projects that need to carried out.

Peace of Mind

Choosing a construction company can be a real mine field in today’s industry. You want to make the most of your budget and get the best value for your money. You also want to work with someone who knows what they are doing, can develop your dream while also meeting the standards that a modern construction company needs to.

When you choose Hightown Group, you not only get a family run business that has years of experience in delivering quality builds and refurbishments. You get a partner who will work closely with you to realise your dream.

  • We work closely with clients in an open and honest way that ensures all major stakeholders are kept involved and have a hand on the tiller as each project progresses.
  • We have the right management and quality control processes in place, including international standards for both delivering builds and ensuring safety and sustainability on site.
  • We choose exactly the right teams to do the work that needs to be done. That includes everyone from those working on developing projects as well as the site managers and construction workers who go the extra mile in bringing a design to life.
  • We adhere to robust health and safety processes, making sure that we keep everyone safe while any build or refurbishment is undertaken.

In short, the Hightown Group ensures you get peace of mind. That only comes when you deal with a company which maintains exceptional standards and has client satisfaction at the heart of everything it does.

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