Why Quality Is At The Heart Of All That We Do

hightown-logo-image-460x345You can bang your own drum as much as you like but if you don’t deliver quality no one will believe you. Delivering above and beyond expectations is part of the reason why the Hightown Group have a strong standing in sectors such as education, public service and health. It’s not just about coming in on budget and on time, though these are major factors, it’s also the collaborative process that we facilitate with all our clients to make sure they get exactly what they need.

Professionalism and Integrity

We have over 40 years experience of dealing with a wide range of customers. In all instances, our aim is to come to the table with the professionalism and integrity that our clients are looking for. That means setting realistic targets and meeting them, being open and approachable whoever we are dealing with and never delivering less than our best at all times.

Understanding and Acting on Our Client Needs

Whether we are dealing with a minor refurbishment or a major new build, our starting point is always finding out and understanding what our client needs. This can often involve a large number of stakeholders as well as ensuring that each part of the collaborative process is transparent and easy to follow. It’s a question of fully understanding the brief, managing expectations and setting realistic timelines. Our aim, always, is to design and develop any project so that there is a seamless handover when everything is finished.

Quality in Partnership

Our aim is to deliver quality in partnership. Clients are an integral part of that process and vital for a successful outcome. We work with stakeholders in health and education, as well as the public services sector, and know that costs and results are important. We pride ourselves with the professional approach that we take in all steps of the building or refurbishment process and integrity is highly important to both us and our clients.

Delivering Sustainability

Of course, a large part of our delivery nowadays is geared to acting more sustainably and responsibly when any project is undertaken. This includes:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by operating more energy efficient vehicles and construction processes.
  • Disposing of any building waste responsibly either by repurposing or recycling where possible.
  • Making sure that we employ only those subcontractors who meet our own very high standards.
  • Ensuring that high health and safety levels are maintained throughout all our processes.

We take our corporate responsibilities for the environment and local communities very seriously and use KPIs to ensure that our infrastructure, our practices and our ongoing sustainability as a company are continuously improved.

Quality is more than just a nice cladding job or an impressive looking new build. It’s about the ongoing quest for excellence, the way you deal with stakeholders and provide those value added extras that make such a difference. It’s about having values that matter and incorporating those into the way your company operates on a daily basis.

Finally, it’s about never resting on your laurels. As a forward thinking company we know that the next challenge is just around the corner. If you would like to discuss an upcoming project with a member of the Hightown team, please call us on 0151 214 3402 or email info@hightowngroup.co.uk