Why Hightown Group?

It’s not just the experience that we have with managing new builds and refurbishments that sets us apart. We’re committed to being a transparent business that is fully customer focused and delivers on expectations. That’s one of the reasons why many of our clients come back to us again and again.

Not only do we believe in delivering the best, we’re a family owned business that cares passionately about the environment. All our practices and processes have sustainability running through them, whether that’s sourcing the right materials from local suppliers or ensuring that all our waste is recycled or repurposed rather than disposed of in landfill.

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What We Do

We are a construction company with a UK wide reach, providing high quality building work for the private and public sectors. We are capable of delivering on your vision; everything from high spec laboratories and teaching facilities through to hangar refurbishments for the aviation industry.

Building a Relationship

Everything we do depends on building good, strong relationships with the clients we work for as well as other parties we need to cooperate with as part of the procurement process for new builds and refurbishments.

The core of our philosophy is openness in communication and providing the highest quality skills that match the job at hand. We work hard to make sure we keep all stakeholders updated and on board. We ensure all our staff and project teams have the necessary qualifications and expertise to bring in any project successfully, on time and on budget.

Sectors we have provided construction and building services for include:

The pharmaceutical industry: refurbishments as well as building cutting edge laboratories and offices.
Universities, school and colleges: refurbishing old building stock and creating brand new 21st century learning environments.
Shops and retail: bringing a fresh look to stores, large and small, across the UK.
Residential: helping developers take green, sustainable and affordable housing to the next level.
Aviation: transforming old hangars and offices for the modern age.

The Right Construction Team for Your Project

We believe in making sure we get the best teams involved with every project. That means everyone will be trained and highly experienced, able to deal with the design or construction work that needs to be undertaken. We’re focused at all times on building your vision of the future.

We understand that work often needs to be carried out while your business environment is still operational. The team at Hightown Group have a wealth of experience when working in a live environment, meaning you can rest assured that the highest health and safety standards are observed at all times, whatever project we’re working on. This experience of working within live environments means that we can liaise with our clients to ensure that disruption is kept down to a minimum. Meaning that your business or organisation can continue to operate while your premises are improved.

Sustainability at Hightown

With every building project we take on, we always underpin it with great sustainability measures. We know that many businesses and organisations expect this nowadays and it’s something we’re passionate about. Not only do we source the best materials for any project, we ensure that waste is dealt with ethically – that means recycling or repurposing materials as much as we can so that practically no waste goes to landfill.

If you’re looking for a construction company in the UK that knows how to consistently deliver exceptional quality, contact the team at Hightown to find out more today.

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