Optimising your warehouse space can improve productivity and deliver efficiencies as well as improving safety standards. One of our main strengths at the Hightown Group is our ability to work with businesses and deliver to their expectations and beyond. We achieve this with a mix of high quality project management, working closely with stakeholders and sourcing the teams and materials that make a difference.

Structural Alterations

As businesses grow, issues such as space and storage can become a problem. Existing warehouse space may have been suitable in years gone by but now that you are looking to expand further it might not be exactly what you need. The option of moving to new premises can involve a great deal of logistics and impact areas such as staff employment.

For many warehouses, the better option is to improve the current facilities by undertaking structural alterations that either increase capacity or make operations more efficient. At Hightown we can work with your current facilities and design and implement alterations that allow you to continue to grow without moving.

New Racking

One area that can make a big difference to warehouse operations is new racking which can release up an enormous amount of space and enable your business to better organise its resources. Floor planning and storage facilities can always be better maximised and getting a third party such as Hightown to look at the various options can make a big difference.

Lighting Improvements

Many warehouses have old lighting that has been used for years and never updated. The latest eco-friendly LED lighting can deliver great savings on electricity bills and, in many cases, provide much better illumination for large spaces ensuring that staff work in an environment that is safer.

Energy Efficiency

With such large open spaces, many warehouses struggle with energy efficiency, whether that’s with lighting or heating. The latest technology can help businesses reduce costs and lower carbon emissions. That can include installing more efficient heating systems or even swapping to green technologies such as solar by utilising those large areas of warehouse roof space. Water management systems can also be improved by using better collection methods such as rainwater harvesting.

Better Safety

All warehouses have safety measures in place to ensure that their employees are protected as much as possible from harm. At Hightown we have a long and successful association with all aspects of health and safety and can bring that experience to your warehouse environment, helping you to review your current status and make the changes that will improve conditions for visitors and staff.

The Hightown Group is a family owned business that has worked across a wide range of sectors in the past. We have helped educational establishments bring their facilities into the 21st century and allowed business to thrive and grow across the whole of the North West. We bring a strong background of quality project management skills as well as a core belief in working closely with our clients to ensure that the delivery of any project meets their needs.

If you are looking to improve your warehouse, contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help.