Businesses that use warehouses to store or distribute products are increasingly under pressure to maximise their locations as well as their workforces.

A warehouse refurbishment might be the last thing on your mind in today’s competitive world but it can bring numerous operational benefits. It can put in new structures that help reduce costs over the long run, including heating and lighting, and allows your business to reorganise its approach for greater productivity and profitability.

If your industrial or warehouse complex is no longer working as affectively as it should, you normally have two choices: Find new premises or do something with the location you already have.

Moving to a new warehouse can involve a huge cost including recruiting staff and building up your operation if you are heading out of the area. A warehouse refurbishment project is generally the cheaper and more sensible option for businesses.

Choose the right construction firm and you can continue to operate safely while the changes are being carried out. At Hightown, we work closely with our all clients to deliver on their expectations and we bring a host of experience and industry knowledge to the table. You might simply want to update the electrical systems in your warehouse or perhaps achieve a higher level of energy efficiency. There could be offices that you want to bring up to date so that your logistics staff can work more productively or storage space that you need to reorganise.

Hightown is a family owned construction business with over 40 years’ experience delivering top quality new builds and refurbishments. We’ve worked with businesses, universities and a variety of specialist sectors such as pharmaceuticals and aviation over the years. The key to our success has been our collaborative and open approach. That means we keep all relevant stakeholders in the loop and ensure we deliver to their expectations.

Our quality management processes are second to none and are regularly reviewed and updated so that we can provide our clients with exactly what they need. We work with businesses across the North West and across the UK including those who operate warehouses, often working through the initial design and concept of our clients, right through to the finished installation or build. Another key part to our success is the high value that we put on health and safety. If you’re warehouse needs to continue operating while we carry out the refurbishment, we can ensure that your staff stay safe and disruption is kept down to the minimum.

We also adhere to a sustainable business approach which means that we source materials from reputable companies and make sure that we deal with any waste in a responsible manner – recycling and repurposing where possible and sending very little to landfill. Neither do we compromise on quality – though we do make sure that we get the best deal possible when obtaining building materials from our carefully vetted sources.

Undertaking a warehouse refurbishment requires a good deal of planning as well as working with the best construction company who understands your needs and vision for the future. At Hightown, we have the highly-qualified teams in place who can work closely with your business and deliver on your expectations. Contact us today to find out more.