There are many reasons why your business could want to carry out a warehouse refurbishment. Development can release up space and make your facility much more efficient. You could also update heating and lighting and reduce your overall utility spend in the long-term.

As with any business, warehouses need to have process in place that enable them to develop and improve over time. Deciding to move to a new facility can cost a lot of money and involves additional logistics that add to the budget. A refurbishment is often the ideal middle ground but finding the best construction and refurbishment company to work with is vital.

Hightown and Warehouse Refurbishment

The Hightown Group is a family owned business that has been delivering quality new builds and refurbishments over the last 47 years. We’ve worked across many sectors in this time, including the manufacturing and warehouse industry.

We bring a number of benefits to the table which make us a great partner to work with:

  • Firstly, we are an open, transparent company that believes talking to stakeholders rather than dictating the pace. We work with you to deliver the ideal warehouse refurbishment that really suits your needs.
  • As a warehouse, you may not want to shut down your facility completely. Our refurbishment process means that we can work with you to help maintain your operation while work is being undertaken. We can keep disruption down to a minimum while ensuring that your employees as well as visitors to your site are protected and can go about their day in absolute safety.
  • We can help with any stage of the refurbishment process. If you already have a plan for updating your facility, we are able to implement it for you. Alternatively, we can work with you from the design and development stage right through to full completion.
  • We’re a company that believes in ethical solutions. At the heart of our construction and refurbishment business is sustainability. We source all materials from sustainable suppliers where possible and pay special attention to how we handle waste – recycling and repurposing where we can rather than sending materials to landfill. Any third party contractors or suppliers that we work with need to share this ethos.
  • We put a high value on health and safety and all our operatives have been fully trained and are up to date with the latest requirements. Quite often with a warehouse refurbishment, we’re working onsite while business is still going on. Making sure that construction areas are properly designated and disruption kept down to a minimum form a vital part of our project management in these circumstances.

Contact Hightown Group

Whether you are just beginning to think about a warehouse refurbishment or already have a developed project idea ready to go, building a relationship with Hightown Group will ensure you have a partner that is both equipped and trained to deliver on your needs.

If you would like to find out more, contact our professional team today.