Any building, whatever it’s age, will have problems at some time. All require either reactive or planned maintenance to make sure they function properly and can be used safely and securely.

For any university, maintaining stock such as buildings is a huge undertaking and one that is generally no longer carried out in-house. Developing a relationship with an expert in maintenance is therefore essential for the future health of all these structures. Even new builds can have their problems and require work undertaking at some point or another.

With thousands of students and staff, any problem with buildings or infrastructure can cause major disruption that then has an impact on teaching and learning.

At Hightown Group, we’ve worked with universities to deliver just such as service. A strong maintenance regime means that problems are dealt with immediately leading to less disruption in the long term. Regular checks on building stock can also make sure that remedial work is undertaken before any serious problems occur. This helps to keep running costs for large institutions such universities under control, something that’s vital in today’s competitive HE environment.

Hightown Group has 40 years of experience and the teams in place who can help maintain and provide reactive work on your buildings as and when it is needed. We can help create processes that ensure you reduce the risk of major issues occurring in the first place and we’re there when a problem does occur that requires emergency attention.

A professional and direct approach, combined with years of construction and maintenance experience, also means that you get a one stop shop for all your needs. If your building maintenance is fragmented and responsibility handed out to different organisations and people, it can lead to confusion and a huge variation in standards. It can also cost your institution dearly if problems aren’t diagnosed and dealt with in a timely manner.

At Hightown we take our management processes and health and safety issues extremely seriously. We have ISO management and environmental certification and are regularly audited to ensure we have robust and meaningful processes in place. Health and safety is top of our agenda and we make sure that all our teams and staff have the right training and right qualifications to carry out specific tasks.

We’re also a company that has sustainability at its heart, something we have in common with many universities across the UK. That means we always use green solutions when we can. That includes using a supply chain which is equally committed to protecting the environment and making sure that we dispose of any waste produced during work through repurposing and recycling.

As one of the leading construction and maintenance companies for the higher education sector, Hightown Group has much to offer educational institutes including schools and universities. If you want to build a long-term relationship with a company that cares, contact us today to find out more.