University campuses are large and naturally require a good deal of care and maintenance. While many institutions have their own, very capable, teams on site, it’s important to have additional support from a third party who can be called on when needed.

At Hightown Group, we’ve an established record of working with existing university maintenance teams to deliver just such a service.

Reactive or breakdown maintenance is undertaken when something goes wrong. For a university, this can cover a lot of potentially disruptive events including loss of power and heating, damage to buildings and problems because of general wear and tear. Once these issues are highlighted to the maintenance team, they can put in remedial measures to tackle it.

Most university teams deal with a broad range of reactive maintenance issues but there are always going to be situations where the skill set available simply doesn’t match the task that needs to be completed. On such occasions, an outside building firm has to be called in to perform a specialist or difficult repair.

Hightown Group not only undertakes new builds and refurbishment projects, we also offer our services as a reliable framework maintenance contractors. Building a long-term relationship with our company means that your university will have access to an emergency and preventative maintenance service which meets your needs. We’re available 365 days a year and are able to react to your request any time of day. We can also help spot potential problems before they become major issues.

As a family owned company, Hightown have worked with numerous universities over the years and developed strong relationships based on trust and effective intervention. We can make sure that we have the right team on site as quickly as possible so that your institution keeps disruption down to a minimum when a problem occurs.

Building this sort of relationship between your onsite maintenance team and an outside service provider makes a lot of sense. It saves you having to delay repairs while you search around for a suitable local company. With Hightown Group, you get a building and maintenance company that knows their way around university premises and the unique issues they face.

Dealing with one company you know well also means that you don’t have to worry about due diligence in selecting a certain supplier – we take pride in the ISO and quality controls the company has in place, including our adherence to the highest health and safety standards.

Our reputation over the years has grown because we maintain an open and transparent operational service. When it comes to reactive maintenance, that means working closely with onsite teams and getting to know the main issues any large scale educational establishment faces. That also means we arrive on site when called out with the background knowledge and support teams who know what they are doing and are primed to help.

Of course, you may not need our services right now. Your onsite team can control all the maintenance issues arising. It makes sense, however, to have a fall back; a company you can call when you need that extra expertise or access to specialist tools and machinery. If you need a building and construction service you can rely on, contact Hightown today.