There’s no doubt that every university depends a good deal on the quality of its facilities. If you want to attract the top performing students or carry out the kind of cutting edge research that gets your institution noticed on the global stage, you have to make sure that you have all the tools you need at your disposal.

Carrying out a refurbishment will mean you greatly improve your facilities and have the opportunity to place your university at the cutting edge.

  1. Outmoded Specifications

Over time, there’s no doubt that facilities can become jaded and outdated. Adding new, advanced technology isn’t always possible without some form of refurbishment. Old laboratories can also have health and safety issues that make the unsuitable for certain kinds of work.

You might want to create a specific research space or make more room for students. Perhaps you need to introduce technology such as interactive boards or simply want to repurpose the location as a different facility altogether.

  1. Creating the Environment for More Cutting Edge Research

New facilities allow you to carry out modern research that is relevant and puts your university on the map. You might need to bring in new machines or other technical equipment and require more space to house it. If your university is planning to lead the way in a specific kind of research, having the appropriate facilities will enable it to attract funding.

  1. Improving Energy Efficiency

Older buildings tend to be less energy efficient. Most universities not only want to reduce their carbon footprint, they see the advantage of creating low energy facilities. You can choose to install the latest energy saving measures such as LED lighting, heat pumps and improve insulation so that you reduce the costs of running your laboratory.

  1. Lifting Your University Profile

Students pay a lot for their education nowadays so they want to make sure their university choice has the best facilities. Refurbishing your lab rather than building an entirely new one is a lot cheaper and gives you the chance to really highlight what you have to offer to new students. Projects like this tend to attract good media attention, something which can sway opinion and encourage top talent to apply to your university.

  1. Attract the Best Researchers

A lot of the work that universities do is research based. Overseas students looking to do Masters degrees and PhDs, will often check out the facilities to see if they meet their own personal requirements. If you want to create a reputation for a particular type of research, it helps if you have the cutting edge facilities to match. Only then can you begin to attract the best researchers from around the world who will help enhance that reputation even more.

Any refurbishment is going to take time and effort to work through. At Hightown, we’ve had four decades of experience providing new builds and refurbishments for some of the top universities in the country. Key to our success is that we can help take your project from the initial design phase right through to completion. Our expert teams will ensure that you get the perfect laboratory refurbishment that your university is looking for.

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