Leading in research and development is one of the key factors that helps drive any university. A reputation for great facilities and cutting edge R&D is often what brings top students from all over the world to a particular institution.

If you are planning a new university laboratory installation, it makes sense to form a partnership with a construction business that understands what is required. As a family owned business with nearly half a century of experience installing state of the art new builds and refurbishments, working with some of the top universities in the UK, Hightown are well placed to deliver on your dreams and expectations.

There are a wide number of factors that need to be considered when installing a new, cutting edge laboratory. It might not just be about reorganising the space you have. It can include paying special attention to areas like drainage and ventilation. You might require specific facilities installing to high specifications that ensure the safety of staff or allow you to carry out certain research. Laboratories in universities, of course, can take many forms and cover a wide range of different categories from pharmaceuticals and medical to zoological and even media.

We’ve been lucky to be associated with some of the UK’s top universities, including Liverpool John Moore’s, providing new build and refurbishment construction services over many years. Working with an institution like LJM, means building strong and long lasting relationships with all stakeholders, being open and transparent about our operating processes and continually delivering on their needs.

At Hightown, we appreciate that every penny counts when it comes to university construction and refurbishment needs. Chancellors and other key staff want to be sure that money is being wisely spent and that any laboratory installation is adding value to the university itself. We’ve been able to deliver high quality, technically specific new builds and other projects for universities as well as for research and development businesses including for the pharmaceutical industry.

At the heart of everything we do is making sure that we put the right teams in place to complete each project. For some universities, that can mean starting with the actual design of the new or redesigned laboratory, through to construction and final completion. Through the entire process you can be sure the teams we have on board are highly talented and well-trained.

We’re a business that takes health and safety very seriously and all our teams are fully versed in the latest legislation and trained accordingly. Universities are large spaces and shutting down for construction work is not usually an option. We put in place all the necessary health and safety measures to ensure that the daily business of your university can be undertaken with the minimum of disruption due to our activities.

As with most universities, Hightown are also committed to sustainability. That means we source materials for all construction projects ethically and ensure that any waste is dealt with properly, either by recycling or repurposing where possible.

If you are a university looking for a strong partner to help with your next laboratory installation, the team at Hightown has everything you need. Contact us today to find out more.