Most universities have a large amount of building stock and facilities that need to be managed. Many have their own teams on site to deal with the day to day running of operations such as building maintenance and facilities such as heating, plumbing and electricity. While on site teams can generally handle many situations that arise, having third party facilities management support that can respond when needed is vitally important.

While Hightown provide high quality new builds and refurbishments across the North of England, we also deliver university facilities management support. Over the last 40 years we’ve built relationships with several universities in our role as a framework maintenance contractor. We operate a nationwide service that is available 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day and is ideal if you need a company to respond to emergencies or carry out important preventative maintenance.

First of all, we have the teams on board that can respond to almost any situation. For universities, having all this maintenance power can be costly if it is contained on site. The benefits of using a facilities management support team like Hightown is that you only need to call on it when you have a problem or issue that requires attention.

That could mean something like the heating in a building breaking down and needing to be replaced. It could relate to something like storm damage where windows or infrastructure needs to be repaired. We’ve worked with organisations such Liverpool John Moore’s University and built long lasting relationships that have ensured facilities are well managed.

With the experience we bring to the table, Hightown can also spot issues that need to be addressed and carry out the necessary preventative maintenance that saves money in the long term. We operate in an open and transparent way, working with relevant stakeholders to ensure we deliver the support that modern universities need.

Many universities have old building stock that can be difficult and costly to maintain. Having access to a third-party service that can help you get past those difficult maintenance issues is important. While we have 40 years and more of delivering high quality services to our clients, we also know that we’re only as good as our last job.

All our teams are trained in health and safety so that you can be sure anyone on site knows the right processes and how to keep areas maintenance is being carried out secure. We’re also used to working in situations where the day to day use of a building by students and lecturers is still going on. That requires our teams to be flexible in their approach as well as paying special attention to health and safety.

We’re a university facilities management support team that works hard on maintaining its operational and management frameworks to adapt to our clients’ needs. Over the years we’ve worked in a wide range of sectors including aviation, research, and health care as well as education. Contact us today if you want to build an effective relationship with a facilities support company that cares.