At Hightown Group, we have over forty years’ experience of providing top quality building refurbishments across the country. A number of our clients are universities who come to us because we deliver consistently excellent building services that meet their needs in the modern environment.

Our ability to work closely with all relevant stakeholders and to bring projects in on time and within budget is one of the key aspects of our appeal to many higher education institutions that are looking to get more value for their investment. As a family owned business that was established back in 1972, we have worked hard to build our reputation.

The university refurbishment projects that we have undertaken in recent years have undoubtedly improved the infrastructure and allowed our clients to provide a better educational delivery to their students and staff. This has included working closely with LJMU:

  • The refurbishment of the John Foster Building at Liverpool John Moores University is prime example of how building excellence can make a big difference to higher education facilities. This was a 19th Century structure that needed to be brought into the 21st while still retaining its intrinsic style and structure. We worked closely with stakeholders at the university to undertake major changes while still allowing the building to be open to staff and students.
  • The recladding and refurbishment of LJMU’s Byron Street campus took over a year and a half, including upgrading teaching areas to high specifications. Again, we worked closely with campus stakeholders and ensured that staff and students could go about their normal business with minimal disruption while we transformed the building.

Our project management skills and the teams we have in place are vital for the delivery of our top-quality university building refurbishments. We are committed to providing a first-class service and make sure our staff are trained to the appropriate standards, including being up to date with all health and safety issues. We also have numerous quality and environment management process in place with a focus on achieving and maintaining our current ISO standards.

We are skilled at taking projects from the initial development and design stage right through to completion. We can only do this because we have the expert teams in place that facilitate all aspects of the undertaking of a building refurbishment. We source our materials for building responsibly and have a green approach to handling any waste – it’s either reused or repurposed and very little will go to areas such as landfill.

Hightown is a family owned business that believes in corporate and social responsibility. Many of our clients return to us or choose Hightown in the first place to help manage the maintenance of their existing structures simply because of our reputation. Attention to detail and our desire to provide best value to our customers lies at the heart of everything we do. That includes working closely with stakeholders, keeping relevant parties fully informed and running any project within the constraints of the location and the needs of our clients.

If you are a university that is looking to undertake a refurbishment now or in future, then contact our team at Hightown to see how we can work with you to make your dream become a reality.