As one of the leading construction companies within the education sector, Hightown Group has worked on many key new builds and refurbishments for universities across the country. A large part of our success over the last 40 years has been made possible by working closely with organisations, allowing them to make the most of their budgets while never compromising on quality.

Our sustainable operation is key to institutions like universities that are seeking ways to improve their building stock while not creating a damaging impact on the environment at the same time. All the teams who work with us are kept to high standards of building, construction and health and safety and have sustainability at their heart.

We hold numerous industry certifications for quality management and our systems and processes are regularly audited to ensure we maintain those standards. Our health and safety record is second to none, a particularly important aspect of our operation when we are undertaking work on site at a university. That means we have exactly the right processes in place which keeps your staff and students safe and secure, even when the normal, everyday business of running a university is still going on.

We can deliver high quality building across all parts of the UK and point to our success at Liverpool John Moore’s University, where we have helped to develop a number of major projects in recent years:

  • The Social Zone: A £2.1 million project to build a new, two story building with meeting and catering facilities for staff and students. This incorporated green technologies such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems to create a more sustainable and low carbon environment.
  • LJMU Eco Houses: Supporting a university project to explore green technology, we built three different houses to help with the research. It’s hoped that the buildings will provide a dynamic location for students to study and create the sustainable homes of the future.
  • The John Foster Building: Not all work we carry out concerns new builds. Our refurbishment of the John Foster Building at LJMU presented huge challenges, not least how to retain the charm and historic importance of the existing building while bringing it into the 21st The refurbishment took place over 5 months while the building was still being used by students. This demonstrates how Hightown organises its project management to minimise disruption.

Other recent projects have been our refurbishment of the Byrom Street Campus at the university, providing over-cladding for the building and upgrading facilities both there and at the Max Perutz building. All this shows Hightown’s ability to work closely with university stakeholders and deliver high quality projects on time and within budget.

One of the key factors that makes Hightown Group attractive as a building company is our commitment to sustainable practices. That not only means ensuring our sourcing of materials and our work processes impact on the environment as little as possible but that we dispose of waste products in a similar manner. Much of the waste we produce is either repurposed or recycled and very little now goes to areas like landfill.

If you want a building service that puts your university first, then contact the team at Hightown Group today.