With over 45 years’ experience at Hightown, we’ve worked with many different sectors on high quality refurbishments and new builds. As a turnkey provider we can deliver everything from the initial design and consultation phase right through to construction and completion.

Universities face a constant challenge of maintaining and upgrading large amounts of existing building stock. Building a partnership with a reputable company like Hightown makes sense. Not only can we work with you through an ongoing process of open collaboration, we are able to deliver services such as maintenance programmes that compliment your current provision.

So what do Hightown offer that sets them apart from the competition?

First of all, we’re a family owned business that has a track record of working closely with universities. Our collaboration with Liverpool John Moore’s is a prime example where we have helped carry out numerous important refurbishment projects and new builds, including the recent construction of a two story data centre in the centre of the campus.

Key to our success has been the openness and transparency with which we approach each project. Universities generally have a number of stakeholders involved in decision making and are almost always looking for value for money as well as a comprehensive set of design and build skills. Working with all these individuals and groups is important and it’s something that we do very well at all levels.

At Hightown, we give you access to some of the most experienced and creative design individuals in the UK. Working closely to your specifications, we are able to bring cutting edge design to the real world and create structures that not only enhance your university but which deliver on expectations.

Most universities rarely have a ‘quiet’ time where there are no people around campus. Even during summer recesses, events are being organised and facilities being used. At Hightown, we always work with the university to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum and that events, lectures and other activities can continue while we go about the job of creating or refurbishing your buildings.

Health and safety is a major reason why many business are attracted to Hightown in the first place. We have an exemplary record and all our teams are fully trained and compliant with the latest regulations. We believe in employing the right team for the job and never look to cut corners when it comes to either the safety of our own employees or the people using your university campus.

Another aspect that makes us attractive to universities looking to undertake new builds or refurbishments is that we deliver a sustainable approach. We source materials from reputable and sustainable suppliers and ensure we have eco-friendly solutions to the handling of any waste – reusing and repurposing or recycling where we can and sending very little to landfill.

If you are searching for a construction company that can really deliver a turnkey service for your new build and refurbishment activities, Hightown has a record over the last few decades that we are proud to stand by. Contact our professional and experienced team today if you would like to find out more.