The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

construction_600x260Having spent decades providing quality new builds and refurbishments in the health, education and public service sectors, we think we know a thing or two about what customer satisfaction means.

For us, it’s not just a measure that marketing professionals use to determine how well a particular business is performing at a particular moment in time. It goes a lot deeper than that.

Happy customers don’t come about by chance. Customer satisfaction needs to be nurtured from the moment you begin collaborating with a group or individual, right through to the after care once your product or service is in place. It’s no different whether you are providing a product online, teaching people a particular skill in a university, school or college, or, as in our case, are involved in building new premises or refurbishing old ones.

Satisfaction is highly important throughout the whole of the business and customer interaction, not just at the end. This should be part of the underlying ethos of any business, the core of its brand and something that is easily recognisable in the way you behave and engage. While great customer satisfaction delivers a number of benefits for the business itself, including referrals, an enhanced reputation and greater revenue, we’re not talking about it as a measure of success here.

We’re talking about delivering it as a goal, time and again. For us as a business, to do this by focusing on a number of key parameters.


From the outset, our aim is to work closely with all stakeholders and find out what their vision is and how we can help them to achieve it. We bring a lot of creative talent and expertise to the table but we are not there to take over and dictate. It’s about coming together and working hard to meet expectations and even go beyond them.


It goes without saying that quality matters in the construction industry, but it is worth saying it out loud anyway. Delivering on those expectations cannot be achieved without using the right materials and having the best construction teams in place. It’s not just that, as far as we are concerned. There’s sustainability and using community resources that are also key factors in delivering quality time and again.


Of course, price is important. That’s why we work very closely with our clients so that we can deliver their vision at a cost which they can afford. This collaboration ensures that each project runs more smoothly through the inception phase, into design development, build and eventual handover and brings value for money.

Time Management

With 40 years’ experience in construction, one of the important parts of any building project or refurbishment work is completing the job on time. Of course, there will always be a few occasions where unforeseen problems arise, but making sure that timelines are adhered to and projects are finished on time is key to great customer satisfaction.

The importance of customer satisfaction isn’t about random lists and boxes to tick. It’s about having a company ethos that is collaborative, responsive, professional and able to deliver quality all the time, within budget and on schedule. Hightown Group brings all this to the table and more, meaning customer satisfaction is a natural result of all our actions.

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