The aviation sector in the UK plays a huge role in the economy, employing more than 230,000 people. Whether it’s transporting goods and people all around the world or handling manufacturing, maintenance and storage, buildings and infrastructure are a key part of the industry’s success in today’s modern world.

Building refurbishments deliver a number of benefits to the aviation sector:

  • A refurbishment is generally cheaper than knocking a property down and erecting a new building from scratch.
  • Refurbishments can be tailored to the needs of your aviation company and your budget.
  • It’s possible to update systems and improve efficiency as well as improving and modernising the look of your building, delivering facilities that count both with employees and customers.
  • A successful refurbishment can mean that you get more business and attract more clients to your aviation business.
  • With new and more efficient lighting and insulation, for example, your business will be able to save costs on utilities over the longer term.
  • You might want to introduce new equipment or facilities to widen the scope of your aviation firm so that it can take on extra business.

Why Choose Hightown for Your Building Refurbishment

For any building project, it’s important to work with a construction team that not only understands your needs but can deliver on your expectations. At Hightown Group, we have nearly half a century dealing with major refurbishment projects across a whole range of different sectors, including aviation.

Key to our success in that time is working closely with stakeholders to ensure we are able to realise the vision that is being proposed. We’re a company that believes strongly in openness and transparency. That’s why you’ll find us ready to listen and honest about what can and cannot be achieved.

We can help with your aviation building refurbishment from the initial planning and design stage through to the work being carried out and completion. If you already have architectural designs and now need a construction company on board, we can fulfil that role for you too. Our teams are highly experienced and able to collaborate with everyone from managers and CEOs to architects and other stakeholders.

You may need to keep your aviation business going while refurbishment work is carried out. Our team will liaise closely with you to ensure that this can happen, minimising the risk to staff coming and going as well as cutting disruption down to a minimum.

We’re also a construction business that believes strongly in sustainability. This is an area where many companies have a vested interest nowadays. We get our materials from sustainable sources and expect our suppliers to share our vision of delivering eco-friendly solutions. When it comes to building waste, we always look to recycle and repurpose materials rather than send it to landfill.

If you are an aviation company searching for a construction firm you can work closely with to deliver your refurbishment, contact the team at Hightown today to find out how we can help.