There is no doubt that any school building is of great social benefit to society.

Education lies at the heart of improving our quality of life and creating career and life opportunities as we reach adulthood. This not only has ramifications in respect of competing in the job market but it can lead to greater health and wellbeing overall.

With the many challenges we face in today’s world, ensuring our children are well educated and able to cope with modern life is vital.

Building new schools is therefore important, as is refurbishing existing stock to make sure that it delivers on educational needs. With a growing population, better funding and wiser construction choices go hand in hand in for creating the next generation of schools in the UK.

Schools also act as the central focus of many communities and add a considerable dimension to how different locations develop over time. They can improve conditions in neglected inner city areas and invite investment for new infrastructure from other industries.

In the UK alone there are currently over 32,000 schools of which just under two thirds are primary schools. Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen an increase of multi-academy trusts – there are now 738. We have over half a million full-time teaching staff and still many areas in towns and cities across the UK are having trouble meeting the growing demand.

Building a New School

The huge social benefits of building schools can be tempered by limited budgets. That often means the challenge of getting everything right from the initial design stage through to construction is fraught with difficulties. Any design and building company needs to work closely with local stakeholders and deliver high quality infrastructure that is not only built to last but provides the cutting edge learning environments required for the future.

At Hightown, we have over 40 years’ experience dealing with large construction projects across the UK and particularly in the North West. As a family owned business, our success has been built on forming strong relationships with all major stakeholders. We are open and honest about what we can deliver and spend of a lot of effort in keeping everyone informed at each stage of the build process, from the initial consultation and design through to final completion.

On top of this we are a construction company that takes its responsibilities for sustainability very seriously. We understand the social metric that comes with building a new school. We source from sustainable suppliers and expect contractors to be in tune with our company ethos in this respect. Not only will your new school be built to the highest standards, the materials will be in keeping with maintaining and supporting a carbon friendly approach to construction.

The way we handle waste is a prime example of our approach when it comes to delivering new builds. We recycle and repurpose where we can and send very little waste to landfill. We also have the highest standards of health and safety and all our teams are fully trained to do the job at hand and aware of current building legislation.

If you are putting together the plans to build a new school in your area, contact Hightown today to find out how we can help realise your dreams.