There’s nothing more important than the education that we provide to our young. Putting in the right facilities that give pupils every opportunity to learn is one of the key pillars that determines success. While schools naturally have to work within limited budgets, carrying out a refurbishment of the infrastructure can not only breathe new life into buildings but equip them for 21st century teaching at the same time.

Refurbishment is the cost-effective way to improve facilities and brings many benefits.

Cost is Less than a New Build

Many schools have old infrastructure that requires higher levels of maintenance. The cost of knocking down and building a new structure can certainly be prohibitive. A refurbishment will put less financial pressure on the school’s resources while delivering changes that make a big difference. Refurbishments also take significantly less time than new builds.

Better Facilities

Updating the infrastructure through a refurbishment can utterly transform a space, whether that’s putting energy efficient cladding on the outside walls or developing new learning areas that energise both staff and students. At the Hightown Group, we work with all stakeholders to deliver high quality refurbishments that provide the opportunity to create new facilities which make a huge difference.

More Efficient Buildings

Most heads will know that old school buildings need a good deal of maintenance. Not only does a refurbishment reduce the level and cost of this, it also provides the opportunity to introduce a variety of energy saving measures that can improve the overall efficiency of buildings. These changes can lower the carbon footprint of buildings and introduce state of the art renewable technologies.

Continue Running Your School

Compared to a straight rebuild, refurbishment can often be carried out without having to close down large areas of the school. This means pupils will not have their education adversely affected while the changes are made. At Hightown we work hard with all stakeholders to make sure we reduce the impact of any refurbishment so that a school can continue its business of teaching pupils.

Our job is to take your vision of the future and turn it into a reality. We do that by being open and responsive to your school’s needs and delivering high quality building work. Our strong project management process means that we bring many important skills and practices to the table, including:

Working through the planning and design stage to make sure that the dreams and aspiration of our clients are kept at the forefront of everything we do.

Keeping stakeholders informed of progress and working with schools to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Putting the right teams in place to do the job, including skilled employees who all have a high degree of health and safety training.

Sourcing from reputable suppliers and maintaining a comprehensive building and waste management regime. That means we are committed to lowering the carbon footprint of any refurbishment and we ensure that all waste materials are either reused or repurposed or, as a last resort, disposed of ethically.

The Hightown Group is a family owned business that has over 40 years’ experience of providing high quality refurbishments to many sectors in the North West including schools, colleges and universities. Our commitment to bringing the same high standards to each project we undertake has cemented our reputation in the region during this time and enabled us to transform educational spaces for the benefit of staff and pupils.