Bricks and mortar retail stores have seen a lot of competition from online retailers in recent years. Maintaining a competitive edge has never been more important. Undertaking a refurbishment can not only give your retail store a much needed facelift it can encourage more customers and improve revenues across the board. While a refurbishment may give you a whole new and exciting look, it can also be used to improve areas like energy efficiency that help save costs over the long term.

At Hightown, we have over 40 years’ experience delivering high quality retail store refurbishments both in the North West and across the whole of the UK. Whether you’re a major retailer or a smaller outlet, our aim is to make sure you get exactly what you need. Our project management processes are designed to meet your expectations, creating a refurbishment that benefits your business.

To make sure you get the best service possible, we’ve managed to put a number of processes in place that virtually guarantee success.

We believe, first of all, in having the right strategic plans for each project. That means working very closely with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is clear on what is to be delivered. Once we have the way forward, we put the best teams in place who are experienced and qualified to do the job at hand.

Our project planning and management is some of the best you’ll find in the UK. That’s been something we’ve been focused on developing over the last 40 years. Transparency and openness when dealing with our clients lies at the heart of this – we can’t deliver high quality refurbishments without this level of close communication.

We also understand that many of our clients want to carry on their business while a refurbishment is being undertaken, particularly in the retail industry. We operate to high levels of health and safety and make every effort to ensure that disruption for both your staff and customers is kept down to a minimum while everyone remains safe and secure.

We’re also a company that has sustainability at its heart. Whether it’s dealing with suppliers or sourcing construction materials or employing contractors, we want everyone to share in our green outlook. Not only do we source materials sustainably, we pay special attention to how we deal with waste. As much as possible we look to recycle and repurpose waste material rather than sending it to landfill. With Hightown you can always be sure that we’re looking to be as green as possible when it comes to any refurbishment or construction project.

We like to think that we deliver over and above the usual building service for our clients. From close collaboration with stakeholders and working hard to bring each project in on time and on budget, our aim is to bring excellence no matter what the challenge is.

If you’re looking for a construction company that can handle all aspects of your retail store refurbishment, then contact Hightown today to see how we can help.