Retail has always been part of the lifeblood of the UK and the idea we are still a nation of shopkeepers has endured throughout history. While technology may have changed in recent years, making sure your retail outlet looks and feels the part is still very important.

What people see, and their personal experience, when they walk into your store is all part of the customer engagement process. Undertaking a retail refurbishment is not just a simple facelift to make things look better, it is something that can cement your brand and drive more customers to your store for some time to come.

Hiring a construction company that has a track record of handling retail refurbishments and has the experience to deal with a variety of project management issues is, of course, essential. At the Hightown Group we have over 40 years of delivering quality builds and refurbishments to the retail sector across the North-West and the rest of the UK.

First, we have the teams in place who bring all the expertise you need to the table. They’re not just the bricklayers, joiners and plumbers you might expect, but the management teams and design experts who can make a significant difference to your refurbishment project.

We work openly and collaboratively with all stakeholders to make sure that we deliver a refurbishment that meets their expectations. Without that strong partnership, we wouldn’t be able to ensure all the right project management steps are in place and ready to go.

We believe strongly in developing the quality management tools that mean we can realistically deliver on our promises when we take on a retail refurbishment. Added to this is a strong focus on health and safety – if your store needs to continue to operate while we undertake your refurbishment, we make sure that staff and customers remain safe and are not impacted by our activities.

When we need to contract out services, we only use teams that share our ethos and have the same focus on collaboration and a good health and safety record.

We are a sustainable building operation and believe strongly in being ethical in our sourcing of materials – we won’t be looking to skimp on quality simply to improve our bottom line. We also operate in an environmentally friendly way – waste produced from a refurbishment is either recycled or repurposed and very little is sent to landfill.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous retail outlets to undertake quality refurbishments across the country. Many of our customers come back to us again and again because they are confident that we can deliver on their expectations and bring that extra something they are looking for.

Part of this is because we are a family firm with a focus on a personalised business service. A lot also has to do with making sure we understand our stakeholders’ requirements implicitly and put the right teams in place to bring their dreams to fruition.

If you are planning a retail refurbishment soon, contact the Hightown Group to see how we can work with you to transform your store.