Building a new retail outlet not only involves a significant outlay for your business but can have a serious impact on short term and long term success. It’s not simply about finding the right location but building a store that enhances your brand appeal and meets what customers are looking for.

At the Hightown Group, working with stakeholders and delivering beyond expectations has been key to our success in the last 40 years. We’re a family owned business with the right management teams in place who can help you deliver on the dream of your retail new build.

Experience that Counts

We have a strong reputation for delivering high quality new builds on time and within budget. Over the years, we have worked hard to make sure that we have the processes and teams in place that can bring our client’s dreams to fruition. We know that retail builds require a good deal of planning before everything gets moving. The good news is that our expertise can help you maximise your design, including bringing in energy saving technology that can reduce your running costs.

Builds Tailored to Your Retail Business

No retail business is the same and they need the kind of tailored building service that some run of the mill companies simply don’t provide. Because we work closely with all stakeholders we can make sure that we have a deep and real understanding of what is required for any retail new build. That also means we can anticipate issues and put in solutions before we encounter any problems.

On Time, Within Budget

A retail new build involves a big investment of capital. Our honest and open approach means that our clients are always kept up to date. We don’t shirk away from potential hurdles and ensure that relevant areas such as our supply chain are able to cope with any requirements well in advance. Along with having the right teams on site, this allows us to bring the majority of our projects in on time and within budget. That’s something which is vital to all retail outlets.

Keeping Stakeholders Up to Date

One issue that stakeholders have with building companies is that they are not kept fully informed of any developments. This is built into our management process at the HIghtown Group. That means you are always kept up to date and if you need to get hold of one of our directors to discuss any problems then they are available. We don’t believe you get far in business without being open with your clients.

Sustainable Builds

It’s a major priority with new builds nowadays that they provide a high level of sustainability. That starts with choosing the right materials in the first place but also ensuring that any waste (including demolition waste) is dealt with properly. At Hightown, our delivery is governed by sustainable practices across the board, including giving your retail business access to the latest, low carbon heating and power solutions that help reduce your running costs.

If you are planning a retail new build in the future and need a team that brings experience, close collaboration and high quality to the table, contact Hightown Group to see how we can help.