At Hightown, we’ve worked with a number of universities over the years to help deliver quality refurbishments to existing infrastructure. As with any construction project, this type of work can deliver new life to buildings and create an environment that attracts more students while providing a much needed upgrade for facilities.

Reasons to Refurbish a University Building

There are two options when you are looking to develop a university location. The first is to go for a completely new build, something which generally involves demolishing old building stock and starting from scratch. The other option is to refurbish what you already have.

The good news is that today’s modern refurbishment can deliver a whole lot in the way of better facilities, more efficient energy usage and aesthetic value. It also costs a lot less than demolishing and building from the ground up.

What Hightown Delivers

We’ve had 40 years of delivering high quality builds and refurbishments across the UK. As a well-known and respected construction company in the North West, we have built long standing relationships with a number of universities, including Liverpool John Moore’s where we have undertaken several cutting edge refurbishment projects.

At the heart of everything we do is the promise to deliver for our clients. We do this by being open and transparent about all our processes and working closely with local stakeholders. When dealing with any construction project, we understand that there are going to be a number of people involved and that we have to take their views into account.

At Hightown, we believe in good working practices and sustainability, something that also lies at the heart of many universities in the UK. Firstly, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the right people are employed to do the job at hand. That goes from the design stage right through to the actual process of construction. We also have a strong attachment to sustainable practices – we source the best materials for a low carbon world and make sure that any waste is either recycled or repurposed rather than being sent to landfill.

Health and safety is another major focus of the team at Hightown. All our project teams are properly trained and up to date with the latest health and safety legislation. One of our key aims with any university refurbishment is ensuring that business can go on as usual while we carry out the work. That means making sure areas are clearly identified and often changing our processes to meet the operating demands of the university.

We can handle a wide range of refurbishments. You might want to change the outer attractiveness and energy efficiency of a building by introducing cladding. Or maybe your university requires a cutting edge laboratory that is in keeping with the demands of today’s research and development. At Liverpool John Moores University were currently running a number of projects including installing a new two storey data centre and undertaking the recladding of their Redmond Building.

If you have plans for refurbishing a university building, creating a partnership with the Hightown Group means you get access to all the design expertise and skill you need to successfully take the project through to completion as well as a company with a very strong and impressive track record. Contact our professional team today to find out more.