The look and feel of your office says a lot about your business. It is, after all, the first thing that clients see when they come to visit and can leave a lasting impression. While you might provide the best service and your staff might be the friendliest and most professional in the world, if you are operating out of an old building that looks as though it has seen better days it could have a detrimental effect on your future.

Not only that, your old office building might also be inhibiting your staff as well. Are you really the state of the art company they want to work for? There’s no doubt that many high performing individuals put a certain premium on location and the attractiveness of their surroundings.

If your office or building is less than it should be then there are usually two options if you want to stay in the same building. You can completely demolish the premises and start again for a huge cost. Or you can refurbish your existing property and make it better reflect your business ethos.

There are several reasons why the latter may well be the best idea:

  1. Cost

First of all, a refurbishment is a lot cheaper than a full demolition and rebuild. If you opt to start again and build an all new property there could be years of planning, selecting the right architectural designs, finding the right building company to do the job, getting permission from the local authority and so on.

A refurbishment can be tailored to your needs and, in some cases, you can continue to work on the premises as it is carried out. We’ve undertaken a number of refurbishments for public institutions such as universities and local authorities that have been primarily driven by the need for a new look at as low a cost as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the quality.

  1. Flexibility

A refurbishment can be as big or as small as you want in line with your budget and needs. For instance, if you want to improve the thermal properties of your outside walls then introducing cladding can make all the difference. This can also make your building look ultra-modern and ready for business. You might want to undertake an internal refurbishment as well – put in a new reception, open up the offices, put better tech infrastructure in place. The opportunities are there and for you to choose.

  1. Appearance

A refurbishment that turns your office building into something modern will not only motivate staff it can also attract those high performers who are likely to make a difference to your company or organisation. It will undoubtedly impress visiting clients or customers who are deciding whether they are going to do business with you. Contrary to popular opinion, image does count for a lot in the modern business world. It’s particularly important in areas like education and universities where potential students are more likely to engage with state of the art facilities rather than an old, worn down building that looks as if it’s seen better days. But it is relevant to any business that wants to create the right persona to the outside world.

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