Providing Businesses with Decades of Industry Experience

A9Ru5zsvz_1ahukbx_z3s-460x785Building projects are by nature hugely complex and require not only a good deal of expertise but also the drive to keep and maintain all the different strands of a particular development together. Whether that’s a new build or a major refurbishment, it pays to choose a construction partner who is collaborative, open and committed.

Giving our clients the right advice and the value of our wide reaching experience in the field of construction has long been a key part of our success at the Hightown Group. Our strong connections to both the public and private sectors mean that we have a unique understanding of what it takes to get a project off the ground and see it through to the end. We see ourselves as a partner in the creative and developmental process, working closely with our clients to deliver outstanding results.

To do this, a number of factors have to be brought together within the Hightown Group. This synergy between the various aspects of any construction project not only requires thought and innovation but the kind of experience that only comes from decades of working successfully within the industry. You need to have the right team in place that is fit for the job at hand. And you need to bring all parties together in a shared endeavour and a clear objective.

We have a dedicated professional services division that can help you with a variety of industry operations relating to construction projects. This includes preparing tenders, risk analysis of individual projects, developing planning and programming operations, including health and safety issues, and site and logistics planning. We also have on board a highly talented and focused design team who work in-house to provide our clients with an impressive one stop shop for all project development.

The range of businesses and public organisations we have worked with over the years naturally ensures that we bring a good deal of expertise and know-how to the table for any project. One area that clients need to be satisfied with is the level of health and safety that is applied to help them meet their legal and statutory obligations in any development, whether it’s a new build or refurbishment. We do this by having a qualified team in place who are charged with undertaking strategic audits and risk assessments as well as analysing training needs and providing training if needed.

With 40 years of experience to call on in the construction industry, we take great pride at the Hightown Group in the professionalism and experience we deliver to our numerous clients on a daily basis. Part of our success comes from the huge wealth of knowledge our teams possess but it also depends on that central ethos of working closely with partners, being open and approachable at all times and working with a shared sense of purpose so that projects are realised quickly and cost effectively and exceed expectations.

Construction has never been a one size fits all industry. That’s why we work hard in collaboration to make the right choices for our clients, choices that deliver exceptional results time and again.