The decision to commit to a pharmaceutical laboratory refurbishment is not something most businesses or organisations take lightly. A refurbishment provides the opportunity to update infrastructure and bring in new technology something that is vital for R&D.

One of the key factors in any successful refurbishment is working with the right construction company. Not only do you require one that can meet your individual, bespoke needs but you need a firm that is able to keep the costs under control while delivering on time.

At the Hightown Group, our 40 years’ experience providing cutting edge refurbishments for universities and pharmaceutical companies means we’re well placed to deliver what you need. Our expert teams can take your refurbishment from the initial design phase right through to completion.

What Makes Hightown Different?

We’re a family owned business with a reputation for quality construction that has been built up over several decades. During that time we’ve worked on many high profile refurbishments including some for Liverpool John Moore’s University. Undertaking a pharmaceutical laboratory refurbishment presents unique challenges and having the right team on board is vital if you want to achieve a build that is above and beyond your expectations.

The first major thing you’ll notice about working with the Hightown Group on your refurbishment is our commitment to openness and transparency. We believe the best results are achieved on any building project when a company commits to being customer focused.

That means not only working directly with all major stakeholders for a project but being honest about what can be achieved. This and our ability to deliver the quality that businesses and organisations are looking for means that many customers come back to us again and again.

Health and safety is also an issue that lies at the heart of a great construction company. In the majority of refurbishments, the daily work of employees is still ongoing which means we have to make sure all appropriate measures are put in place to keep everyone safe. Our teams are fully trained and aware of their responsibilities and a full risk assessment is undertaken before work begins.

We’re also a company that believes strongly in sustainability. All our practices are designed to source the most sustainable materials and use the best current practices within the construction industry. We only form relationships with contractors who share our philosophy. We also ensure that we deal with any waste ethically – recycling, reusing or repurposing wherever possible rather than sending to landfill.

Choosing a Pharmaceutical Laboratory Refurbishment Company

At Hightown, we look to build strong relationships with our clients and that includes working with other parties that may be involved in the refurbishment process. Our aim is to be as flexible as possible and deliver over and above your expectations. That means not only matching core skills with the latest, sustainable construction techniques but ensuring that good communication is always at the forefront of any project we undertake.

If you are searching for a company to handle your pharmaceutical laboratory refurbishment, contact the professional team at Hightown Group today.