The pharmaceutical industry contributes a good deal to the UK economy and has been one reason for the rising growth among businesses in recent years. Developing the right location for a pharmaceutical company can be difficult, involving as it does a lot of investment and the need to have the latest innovation at the heart of any design.

Working with a construction company that can deliver is therefore important. Over the years, Hightown has collaborated with a wide range of R&D organisations, including local universities across the country. We bring a mix of experience and understanding to the table, helping companies working on medicine development and the pharmaceutical sector in general achieve their objectives.

Whether you need refurbished laboratories or want to create new cutting-edge offices or workspaces, our teams of highly qualified designers, construction workers and support staff are here to help.

We have 40 years of delivering high quality builds in many sectors across the UK. During that time, we’ve been able to put in the robust management processes and procedures that set us apart from standard building companies.

Key to our success has been working collaboratively with stakeholders at all levels and delivering a construction project process that is transparent and open. We’ve worked with major institutions such as Liverpool John Moores University as well as smaller organisations that provide their services in the region.

We are committed to ambitious standards, be that working on a design concept with our partners or carrying out a major refurbishment or new build. We work hard to maintain our ISO management and quality control processes, always ensuring that we make the best expertise available for the project at hand. Added to this is our commitment to health and safety – our teams are not only trained to the best standards, they maintain their professional development and knowledge in respect for their sector.

That means, for example, if we are carrying out a refurbishment while you continue to work on site, we will be able to put in the procedures that ensure safety not only of our teams but yours as well.

Construction work in the pharmaceutical industry necessarily involves a lot of high specification work, either to meet current regulations or the needs of the research, development and production that is being undertaken at that facility. For a construction company that naturally involves taking on board stakeholder input and adhering to any design specifications.

At Hightown, we also believe in an ethical and sustainable way of working. In short, that means we only contract to teams and other companies who share our ethos. We always source the best materials for the job and won’t drop our standards just to improve our profit margin. When we deal with construction waste, we do so in a responsible manner – reusing and repurposing where we can and recycling most other waste. That means little of what we produce when constructing or refurbishing a location goes to landfill.

If want to see how Hightown can bring expertise, quality and value for money to your construction or refurbishment project, contact our friendly and professional team today.