While we often think of big companies when it comes to pharmaceuticals, there is a growing and prosperous industry of small businesses in the UK that are just as important. Indeed, many global organisations are outsourcing to these small pharmaceutical companies. The need for innovation and state of the art premises within the sector has never been so important and has seen an increase in construction over the last decade.

In the UK, it’s not just the research and development of new drugs that has been important in recent years but the manufacture and distribution. From these companies producing life-saving drugs to the pharmacy stores on the high street, ensuring premises meet the needs of a thriving industry has been a key part of our work over the last few decades.

Hightown has over 40 years delivering quality refurbishment and construction solutions for many industries including the pharmaceutical sector.

Key to our success has been our commitment to working with clients in an open and transparent way. Our business structure means we can undertake construction from the design and development stage right through to completion. We can also handle ongoing maintenance for those organisations that require a responsive team that understands their needs.

Quality control lies at the heart of everything the team at Hightown does. We have a good reputation for working well with research and development sectors including at university level. We work closely with all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is properly informed and involved in decisions as the construction of a new building takes place.

You may also have a site that you want to keep open while construction takes place. Hightown places a strong focus on health and safety, undertaking responsive risk assessments to ensure that we keep those working around our construction site safe, ensuring disruption is minimised. All our staff are regular trained and kept up to date on all health and safety issues and we expect any contractors we employ to follow similar guidelines.

More and more businesses nowadays, including those in the pharmaceutical sector, take their carbon footprint very seriously. Not only is it seen as an obligation but it can also enhance a company’s standing when they pay special attention to operating in a green way. Hightown is no different. Sustainability is embedded deeply in everything we do. Not only will we source materials from reputable suppliers who share our ethos but we ensure that all waste is recycled and repurposed rather than sent to landfill.

There’s no doubt that finding the right location and developing the infrastructure for a pharmaceutical company can take a lot of thought, money and work. That’s why you need to look at a construction company which can really deliver when you most need it.

Our open approach means you always know where you are with Hightown. We can work with organisations whether they want to create cutting edge laboratories, office space for their staff or the large scale manufacturing complexes that create pharmaceuticals which make such a difference to so many people’s lives.

If you want to discover the expertise and quality that Hightown can bring to your next pharmaceutical construction project, contact us today to find out more.