Deciding to build and design a new pharmaceutical facility not only takes money but great planning and the right partners. Whether it’s for cutting edge laboratories or state of the art manufacturing facilities, making sure you have everything you need can be challenging and expensive.

Finding the right pharmaceutical building design and construction company is not easy. You want someone with a proven track record who is able deliver on your expectations for a start. You really need a company that is open and transparent and will build a strong relationship with you to bring your project to fruition.

And you need a firm that knows how to keep the costs under control and bring the new build in on time.

Who Are the Hightown Group?

We’re a family owned business that has worked hard over the last 40 years to build a reputation in areas like education and the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve been involved, for instance, in a major refurbishment of a 2,000 m² laboratory space at Liverpool John Moore’s University which is now being used as a teaching and research facility. We’re currently working on a £1.5 million lab refurbishment for Aintree Hospital and have been involved in other new builds for the pharmaceutical industry in the past.

The first major thing you’ll notice about the team at Hightown is that we love to communicate. We understand that any pharmaceutical building design and construction project is going to involve quite a lot of stakeholders.

Maintaining transparency and ensuring effective communication is key to providing the service that we do. In large projects like this, there is also a long list of third parties and other providers that need to be kept in the loop. This is something that Hightown has a keen interest in achieving and something we have a good reputation for.

We’re a building and construction company that operates across the whole of the UK and which believes in sustainability. That means we always source the best materials for your laboratory build and ensure that they meet current regulations.

We’re also a company that believes in effective waste management. That means we look to recycle, repurpose and reuse materials rather than sending waste to landfill. We’re a company that takes its environmental obligations seriously, whether we’re doing a refurbishment or a brand new build.

Health and safety is another issue that is vitally important. Most new builds are constructed in areas where staff are still working. That means organising health and safety to ensure that no one is put at risk at any stage of the development. Again this means liaising with local stakeholders to ensure that all the bases and requirements are covered at all times.

How To Get In Contact

Building a new pharmaceutical laboratory is no small undertaking. Whether you already have the design specs worked out and an architects plan or need to start from the very beginning, the Hightown Group has the team in place to help your dream become a reality.

If you’d like to find out more, contact us today to arrange a meeting.