Our Quality Promise

Project-1_01-460x153At Hightown Group we have the capability for delivering consistent, top quality building services that make a big difference to businesses and public organisations across the UK. We achieve this not only by having a strong brand identity linked to clear central goals but also by not resting on our laurels. One mistake successful businesses can often make is believing their own press. Our ongoing monitoring of performance ensures that we continue to provide our clients with a high quality service from beginning to end.

With this in mind we have put in the robust quality management systems that allow us to formally review every part of our operation all year round. We collect data across a number of parameters for any given project including:

  • Client and staff satisfaction.
  • Productivity and profitability.
  • Training, diversity and health and safety performance.
  • Quality of design and service.
  • Corporate social responsibility.

As with any business we have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place for each of these areas. Having a clear quality strategy also enables us to identify the challenges of our business and to undertake root cause analysis. This in turn allows us to put in measures to prevent problems or make sure that we deal with the issues appropriately when they arise. It also enables us to have robust criteria for best practice.

It’s not enough to simply record all this data – as a company we need to implement changes and make sure our processes work. These and other findings are included in our regular staff meetings and briefings and when we make changes to company policies, procedures and staff training we include notes of them in our best practice log.

At the heart of our success is customer satisfaction. Without it we would struggle to compete in the industry. When a project starts, we monitor it closely and bring in improvements where necessary. Some of these may well be just for a particular client, others quite rightly inform what we do as a company in a broader sense. Our continual focus on providing customers with a high quality service means that many of our current projects are with repeat clients.

When a project is underway, many companies leave the staff on site to get on with it. At Hightown Group we believe in monitoring each and every situation and unannounced inspections make sure that we maintain those high standards which our customers expect.

Another key to our success is developing important and long lasting partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers. That means sites are not left in limbo waiting for particular equipment or products to arrive and these are ordered in a well beforehand. Not only does this improve productivity, it also minimises damage to materials from the weather and the opportunity for theft from site. All this benefits our clients as costs are kept down and the project is undertaken and completed in a timely fashion.

Our quality promise is a combination of factors that all come together to ensure that we deliver high standards to each and every client. That process stretches from the moment we first make contact, to the project development, the initialisation and completion and finally to the level of after care service we provide.

If you would like to find out more about us or discuss a project we would love to hear from you. Call us on 0151 214 3402 or email info@hightowngroup.co.uk