Office space is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any successful business. Not only do you want to provide a comfortable and productive area for your staff but you also probably want to impress any visiting clients or potential customers.

At Hightown Group, we’ve been providing high quality refurbishments and remodelling for a wide range of offices for over 40 years.

  • Do you want to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace?
  • Provide a cutting-edge environment for your business to thrive and prosper?
  • Attract new clients and deliver greater value for existing customers?
  • Create an environment that compliments your brand better?
  • Make room or have more functional spaces?
  • Improve health and safety or update your building efficiency to lower heating and light costs?

Hightown can help with all these issues and deliver a refurbishment that is designed to complement your business and help it develop for the future. How do we do this?

We’re a family owned business with an excellent track record. We’ve dealt with businesses and major institutions such as universities, always delivering on our promise.

We work closely with all stakeholders to bring their dreams to reality. Our teams are experts at working through the initial enquiry stage to creating the design that has the most impact and implementation and completion. Our aim is to work within your budget and deliver to expectations and beyond.

We have the project management processes in place that enable us to constantly update and improve our services. That means you can always expect to get cutting-edge building design and refurbishment that puts you ahead of the competition. Part of this comes from making sure that we train our staff properly and regularly update their skills but it’s also about being open and honest with our customers so that they can engage fully in the refurbishment process.

Our builds and refurbishments are all about sustainability. We know how important issues such as waste management and low carbon practices are to many businesses. That means we are careful about using suppliers and contractors who share our green ethos. It means that we make sure as much of the waste that comes from any refurbishment is properly dealt with and repurposed rather than sent to landfill.

We also aim to carry out refurbishments with as little inconvenience as possible. You probably don’t want to undertake such a big change and stop doing business. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that your staff can get on with their jobs in safety while we set about transforming your office space.

It’s our ability to work closely with our clients and deliver on their expectations that sets us apart from many building firms in the area. Whatever your budget and whatever your requirements, we can help your plan become a reality, letting you deliver a better service to your clients and customers while ensuring your staff have the environment that boosts their productivity and gives your business the best chance to thrive in today’s competitive world.

Contact us today if you want to find out more.