New Builds, Refurbishments & Maintenance for the Nuclear Sector:

The nuclear industry isn’t just about huge reactors and power generation. There are buildings where research and manufacturing processes are carried out. It’s arguably one of the most important industries in the UK.

At Hightown Group, we know the value of working closely with stakeholders, making sure we carry out new builds and refurbishments with the minimum of disruption to the surrounding workers. Added to the mix in the nuclear industry is the need to maintain a high level of security even though we may be carrying out extensive building work.

Working closely with stakeholders in the nuclear industry we can develop the designs and solutions that are needed, whether that’s a refurbishment for an old building or an entirely new build. We do this by having the best team on board who know the ins and outs of particular industries.

We are used to our clients having very high expectations and pride ourselves on being able to deliver the quality required – whether that’s in sourcing the right materials ethically and sustainably, the expertise of the people we employ or the experience and project management skills that we bring to each build.

  • We have an open and collaborative approach that is ideal for the nuclear industry.
  • We have an inter-dependent team ethos and a high degree of professionalism with ongoing site supervision.
  • We believe in quality, not only in the project plans that need to be implemented but in the way that we handle particular problems, develop solutions and bring a build in on time.

Our services to the nuclear industry include construction, cladding and roofing, maintenance, planning and design. Our aim is always to understand our clients’ needs implicitly and deliver beyond expectations. We have an exemplary health and safety record and teams of contractors who are carefully selected for their ability to deliver.

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“We have worked with Hightown Group on a number of projects over the past 3 years varying from new build to full refurbishment utilising traditional procurement, design and build and partnering. One of Hightown Groups main strengths is with their communications. Immediate access is always available with the directors. Reporting systems are simple and clear. If asked “Would you work with this contractor again?” Our response would be “definitely”.
Ian Quayle, Director, Weightman & Bullen Limited

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