Investing in a new build for your business or organisation is undoubtedly a large undertaking. Not only do you need to find the right design and get all stakeholders on board, you must find someone competent enough to bring your vision into the real world and build it.

At Hightown, we’ve 40 years’ experience of helping companies across a wide range of sectors to develop their business or organisational needs. That includes aviation where we’ve built brand new hangers for planes, education where we have created cutting edge buildings for schools, universities and colleges, and retail where we have helped construct new outlets that draw in customers and allow local and international brands to thrive.

We’ve also worked with private clients and businesses to build properties and create the residential areas that the region needs. At the heart of everything we do is the way we engage with stakeholders and understand their needs.

Getting a new build from the ideas stage right through to design and then construction is not an easy job. At Hightown, we bring the same deep level of engagement whether we’re building a new lab at a university or working to repair a roof in a residential location.

Our success to date is not only about the design and construction skills and expertise we bring to the table. We believe strongly that it has much to do with the way we communicate. Our openness and the direct approach we adopt for all projects means that our clients are kept fully informed and take part in the development process, whether it is a small project or a major undertaking that brings together a whole host of specialities.

Undertaking a build in the aviation sector or engaging with a university requires a good degree of specialist knowledge. Hightown Group has always given priority to having the right teams in place to do the job. We don’t believe in making do with an ad hoc approach and make sure we source the right expertise to do the job properly.

Our project planning and management are all carried out in close cooperation with important stakeholders – after all, if you’re investing money in a new retail store or set of residential properties, you want to be sure that you’re getting value for money and, just as importantly, the design and implementation you initially had in mind.

For major new builds, Hightown also put in management processes that many of our clients find attractive. We’re a design and construction company that has sustainability at heart. We are continuously looking to reduce our environmental impact whether we’re completing a minor refurbishment or undertaking a major aviation, retail or education building project. That includes making sure we repurpose or reuse materials as much as possible and recycle any waste products responsibly.

Add to that our exemplary health and safety record and you have a construction company that really is in tune with its clients. Our aim is always to work as closely with our customers as possible and help deliver their vision and bring that new build from initial design to successful completion.