New Builds and Refurbishments for the Nuclear Industry


The nuclear industry isn’t just about huge reactors and power generation. There are buildings where research and manufacturing processes are carried out, including the Urenco Technology Park, a nuclear enrichment facility, where we recently carried out a £1.1 million refurbishment. It’s one of the most important industries in the UK.

At the Hightown Group, we know the value of working closely with stakeholders, making sure we carry out new builds and refurbishments with the minimum of disruption to the surrounding workers. Added to the mix in the nuclear industry is the need to maintain a high level of security even though we may be carrying out extensive building work.

Delivering a New Look to Old Buildings

The Urenco project is a good example of the types of buildings that we often deal with, particularly in areas like the nuclear industry – a 1960s office block that required stripping out and refurbishing on two selected floors. All this had to be carried out while the normal business of the company was ongoing which meant we needed to work closely with the members of staff and make sure that we reduced disruption that allowed them get on with their work.

In areas like this, of course, health and safety is a big issue. With many large buildings from the 60s there’s the problem of hazardous materials such as asbestos. This meant plenty of forward planning by our team to ensure that all bases were covered and staff working on the surrounding floors were not exposed to any health hazards.

What Hightown Bring to Nuclear Industry

Working closely with stakeholders in the nuclear industry we can develop the designs and solutions that are needed, whether that’s a refurbishment for an old building or an entirely new build. We do this by having the best team on board who know the ins and outs of particular industries.

We are used to our clients having very high expectations and pride ourselves on being able to deliver the quality required – whether that’s in sourcing the right materials ethically and sustainably, the expertise of the people we employ or the experience and project management skills that we bring to each build.

  • We have an open and collaborative approach that is ideal for the nuclear industry.
  • We have an inter-dependent team ethos and a high degree of professionalism with ongoing site supervision.
  • We believe in quality, not only in the project plans that need to be implemented but in the way that we handle particular problems, develop solutions and bring a build in on time.

Our services to the nuclear industry include construction, cladding and roofing, maintenance, planning and design. Our aim is always to understand our clients’ needs implicitly and deliver beyond expectations. We have an exemplary health and safety record and teams of contractors who are carefully selected for their ability to deliver.

The Urenco nuclear facility is just one example of how Hightown have been able to deliver quality builds. We have an excellent relationship with many blue chip companies and universities, providing sustainable builds, brought in on time and to very high standards.