Manufacturing in the UK is a sector that always seems to be changing. According to the Government, the manufacturing businesses that we will see by 2050 will be vastly different from the ones we knew just 30 years ago.

Smaller manufacturing businesses are more common nowadays than ever before and these need to be adaptable to not only a local UK market but a global one as well. Working with specialist manufacturing construction companies is vital if you are planning a refurbishment to your existing site or intending to build a new facility for your growing business.

At the Hightown Group, we have over four decade’s experience in delivering high-quality new builds, refurbishment and construction services for a wide range of sectors including manufacturing. Our talented team will help take your construction project from concept through to design and delivery.

What Hightown Group Brings to the Table

We are a talented, family-owned business that has a track record of delivering high-quality new builds and refurbishments and have worked with a number of high profile clients over the years. One of the key factors that lead manufacturing companies to choose our services is how we work with them.

First, we’re committed to complete transparency and are a customer-focused organisation that works closely with stakeholders. We’ve obtained industry-leading certification that ensures we have all the processes and project management skills in place that manufacturing businesses are looking for in today’s competitive environment.

At the heart of our business model is sustainability, something that is also essential for many of our customers. We focus on using suppliers that share our green ethos and reuse, repurpose and recycle waste as much as we can rather than sending to landfill.

We’re a manufacturing construction company that takes health and safety very seriously. If you are having a refurbishment being carried out, you may also want some of the normal everyday business of your operation to continue – that means us working with stakeholders to ensure that everyone is kept safe and there is minimum disruption.

Our operation requires building a strong relationship with our manufacturing client – which is one of the reasons why customers come back to us as a trusted building contractor they can rely on. You can always be confident that your project is being delivered on time and on budget and all our team members are fully trained and qualified to do the job at hand.

Whether you have decided to build a small manufacturing startup or you’re an established company that wants to refurbish its facilities, it pays to choose a partner you can trust to deliver.

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With over 40 years’ experience, we believe we tick all the right boxes when it comes to providing quality building services that will really make a difference to your business.

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