If you own or live in a listed building or have an office in one, getting permission for any refurbishment can be hard work. Not only that, working with the right construction company is essential if you are to overcome the many challenges and meet your obligations.

Listed buildings are ones that have either historical or architectural significance and are protected in certain ways. Normally, if you are carrying out major work such as a refurbishment, you need to get planning permission whether you are making changes internally or externally. There may be regulations that protect the integrity of the building’s structure as well as other considerations to take into account.

At the Hightown Group, we have nearly 50 years of experience delivering high-quality new builds and refurbishments for both domestic and commercial properties. One of our best qualities is how we work closely with all stakeholders when undertaking any major project like a refurbishment. When it comes to listed building, of course, there may well be several parties that need to be kept informed and liaised with and it’s something our team is very good at.

Working Under Strict Specifications

There may be any number of rules that need to be followed when undertaking a listed building refurbishment. These can, for instance, dictate the kind of materials used and the methods employed, particularly for much older properties. There can be a host of factors to take into account and the way forward is not always easy.

If you have a very old building, for example, it’s most likely to have been constructed using lime mortars and plasters where today we would use cement pointing. Making sure the integrity of the building is maintained often requires people with specialist skills that are not readily available today in the construction industry. That can obviously add to the cost and even dictate whether planning permission is even given in the first place.

Why You Should Choose Hightown Group for Your Listed Building Refurbishment

At Hightown, we understand the difficulties that come with any proposed listed building refurbishment. We can help with all stages of the development from the initial planning right through to the actual build and completion. We’ll be able to source the right refurbishment team who understand what they are doing and will ensure you stay compliant with the conditions surrounding your listed property.

We’ve worked with a wide range of domestic and commercial clients over the years and have handled projects in most industries and sectors you can think of. One quality we bring to the table is our ability to work closely with all stakeholders. We believe in being open and transparent about what is achievable and what isn’t. That means you can trust us to handle your listed building refurbishment with integrity.

Working on a listed building can seem like a huge task and it’s important to have a construction company on your side that shares your passion and pays attention to detail. If you are planning a refurbishment or have got permission to carry out work on a listed building, contact us today to see how we can help.