At Hightown, we have 40 years’ experience dealing with a range of new builds for many sectors, including research and education. State-of-the-art facilities are key if you are going to be at the cutting edge of research and development and many institutions such as universities around the country are currently investing in these areas.

Science has been at the forefront of some of the most exciting developments in the UK, particularly in the world of healthcare and medicine. For universities, there is the added advantage that excellent facilities attract top quality students and set any institution apart from the competition. High class facilities also attract more money for research because they increase your capability and the scope of what can be studied or developed.

For businesses in the pharmaceutical sector, for example, the importance of great facilities cannot be underestimated. Not only do they act as an advertisement and marketing tool for your business but they can also make staff more productive and give them the tools to develop new, ground breaking drugs that are capable of changing the world. As with universities, great facilities also attract top talent who want to push the boundaries and put your research at the forefront of global developments.

Hightown is one of the most recognisable construction and refurbishment companies in the North West and we’ve worked with some top universities, including John Moore’s in Liverpool. With new offices in the Midlands we can provide our services across the North of England. We have the design teams and the project managers in place who can deliver the high-end laboratory refurbishment your organisation needs.

  • Firstly, we’re open and transparent about everything we do. That means you can get a clear idea of what we are capable of from the outset and we’ll work closely with all stakeholders to make sure any project remains on track and exceeds expectations.
  • We’re a company that takes its quality control very seriously – that includes making sure we adhere to international standards for building and have the right management structure in place that means we can handle specialist projects such as laboratories.
  • We can take your refurbishment from the initial design stage right through to completion. That involves our teams working closely with all stakeholders and ensuring everyone is kept in the loop as we go through each step.
  • Our team are fully qualified and experienced; we always provide the right staff to do the job, all trained and kept up to date on health and safety. If your refurbishment is being carried out while staff are still using the building, we’ll put in the measures that keep everyone secure and ensures disruption is kept down to a minimum.
  • We also source all materials responsibly and have a eco-friendly approach to any build. Our aim is to lower the ecological impact of any project by making sure we handle all waste in a green way and source the best materials that help lower our carbon footprint.

Choosing the right construction company who can handle something as niche as a laboratory refurbishment can be difficult. We believe our track record at Hightown speaks for itself. We’ve worked for a range of universities and research organisations, helping to deliver quality builds that fit the design requirements of our clients. Contact us today to discover how Hightown can make your new refurbishment become a reality.