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Science, health care, education and research have never been more important. Without it we wouldn’t have the hi-tech smartphones we all take for granted, the medical procedures and pharmaceutical products that save lives on a daily basis or the new developments in energy saving and renewable power production that improve our environment.

Having the right, state-of-the-art facilities in place can mean the difference between teaching at the cutting edge or making that breakthrough development and holding back talented staff who could change the world. At Hightown Group we pride ourselves on working with stakeholders to provide the solutions they really need, ones that help R&D organisations to push the boundaries and set themselves apart as world leaders in their particular fields.

We’ve worked with a wide range of establishments over the years, refurbishing ageing facilities as well as building new ones. Key to our success is our use of quality materials, our adherence to excellent project management and access to a team of highly skilled builders and construction engineers as well as designers who have plenty of experience providing solutions for research.

The benefits of a new laboratory  installation or refurbishment

  • A new laboratory installation or refurbishment can give you the opportunity to plan for the future and attract the specialist research staff that fit your vision from all across the world.
  • Research staff that have better facilities are more likely to be more productive and have the confidence to come up with great new research ideas.
  • Staying ahead of the research curve is vital for many universities. It’s where reputations on the world stage are made.
  • Keeping facilities up-to-date not only attracts high quality students but also allows a university to bid more confidently for research funding.
  • Teaching in health care and science environments is enhanced when you have the tools in place to deliver top quality education.

What we bring to the table for laboratory installations and refurbishments

First of all, there’s a good degree of co-ordination needed to make sure that disruption is kept down to a minimum for any refurbishment. That means putting together a coherent design plan with realistic times for completion.

We can deal with a full demolition and strip out of a laboratory or handle the conversion of a teaching or office space for the purposes of research and education. Working to specialist designs is one of our strong points and we source the right materials for the job in hand as well as employ the experienced and fully trained operatives who can deliver exactly what your refurbishment needs.

We start with the foundation of what you actually need from your new installation, making sure that we understand what is required from any build. That includes making provision for the installation of sensitive technical equipment and ensuring that all building work matches the strict specifications required.

We know that many of the institutions that we deal with have a green agenda at their heart. That means we use sustainably sourced materials, make sure that any waste during a construction project is recycled or reused and install energy savings measures that help reduce carbon footprints across the board.

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“I will take this opportunity to personally and on behalf of the Academy also, thank you for the dedication, organisation and level of care you have demonstrated and applied throughout the Summer to make this project a success for Chadwick and Hightown.
Our refurbishment projects are notoriously difficult to execute with tight timescales and a need to adapt to changes and overcome issues as and when discovered and you have managed this process very well for us.

They made the difference on so many occasions and made my life so much easier”.

Fabrice Brinson, Ormiston Academies Trust

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