Research and development in both the pharmaceutical industry and our higher education institutions such as universities is undoubtedly important. Making sure you have the best facilities in place which allow researchers to undertake work at the cutting edge is part and parcel of the competitive R&D world today.

At the Hightown Group, we have the specialist teams and experience in place to deliver high quality lab refurbishments around the UK. We’ve worked with outstanding universities such as Liverpool John Moores and pride ourselves in the way we take each project from the development and ideas stage through to completion, helping institutions realise their visions.

Quality Lab Refurbishments

Our reputation over the years has been built on delivering quality time and again. We’re a family owned business that understands we’re only as good as our last job. We’ve put in place the quality management controls and health and safety infrastructure that are vital when working with universities and colleges as well as research departments in the private sector such as pharmaceuticals.

Openness and Collaboration

We can achieve this because we believe in transparency and working closely with all major stakeholders to make sure that we bring their personal dreams to reality. Our experience and track record of dealing with the complex requirements involved in all lab refurbishments means we are uniquely placed in the industry to deliver exactly what your institution requires.

Our recent successes include the refurbishment of the first and fourth floor laboratories at James Parson Building for Liverpool John Moores University. This included stripping out the existing facilities and putting in new, state-of-the-art fume cupboards, lab benches and other services. This project is the perfect example where our design and development team worked closely with all stakeholders at the university to deliver a lab refurbishment that not only improved teaching and learning but also provided the perfect environment for ongoing research.

At Hightown, we understand that working collaboratively is vital for the success of any building project. There are not only issues surrounding the quality of a refurbishment, however, but how work can be undertaken while minimising disruption for the organisation we are working with. That raises health and safety issues that need to be solved as well as being able to operate within time constraints.

We’re also a family owned business that believes in sustainability. We source materials only from suppliers who share our vision and we make every attempt to bring green practices to everything we do. That includes responsible handling of all waste products from any lab refurbishment, making sure that it these are either recycled safely or repurposed in some way.

Lab refurbishments necessarily require a high degree of competence and expertise on the part of the company undertaking the work. The Hightown Group have all the pieces in place to ensure that you get what you want, delivered on budget and on time. The fact that many of our key clients come back to us again and again, we believe is an indication that we can bring the quality refurbishment skills to the table that many hi-tech laboratories and education institutions are looking for today.