One of the biggest decisions that schools or colleges need to make is when they go for a brand new build. While refurbishing your existing stock is one option, undertaking a new build gives you the possibility to tailor a facility for your exact needs. There are issues, however, particularly concerning the initial cost and the hard work that needs to be undertaken to get all the relevant stakeholders on board.

Benefits of a New Building

  • The building can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • You can add to your school or college reputation by having facilities no one else has in your area.
  • It can help improve teaching in your institution and provide much needed space for students.

We understand that in business, environments are important – we should probably apply the same ethos to our schools and colleges. Of course, buildings can’t teach. But they can motivate and provide the location where good teaching can have a greater impact.

Choosing Your New Building Construction Company

At Hightown, we’ve had some 40 years delivering high quality new builds and refurbishments for the domestic and commercial market. Among our clients in the past have been higher education institutes such as John Moores University in Liverpool as well as numerous schools. We bring a complete package to the table including the initial design, taking things seamlessly all the way through to completion.

We are one of the leading construction companies in the North of England and have gained a reputation for openness and honesty – our aim is always to bring stakeholders into the loop and keep them informed through each stage of the design and construction process. We are a company that has strong quality management processes in place and our focus on health and safety is one of the best in the country. That means you can be sure your teachers and students are protected whilst any work is being carried out.

Also at the heart of our operation is a bedrock of sustainability. From the materials that we source to the way we recycle and repurpose waste products for any building project, we are focused on maintaining a green and ecologically sound approach to construction.

Our aim is always to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. That means working closely with all relevant stakeholders and ensuring that we deliver the quality new builds that our clients are looking for. As a family owned business, we know that our claims of quality and excellence needs to be backed up, which is way we provide warranties on all work that we undertake.

A new build for schools and colleges is, of course, a major undertaking that requires a lot of discussion making and planning. Finding the right company who can help you realise your dreams but also deliver on expectations can be time consuming. When you choose Hightown for your new build, you get a family run company that works closely with its clients and operates in an open and transparent way. Contact us today to find out more.