Like any organisation or business, universities need to be able to stand out from the competition if they want to be successful. That could depend on the type of courses they offer or the well-known professors they have working for them.

More often, nowadays, it’s the facilities that are on offer which make a difference and which can attract high quality, new students each year.

Most universities have a large range of building stock. Updating facilities can involve refurbishing what you already have as well as designing and constructing new buildings. Both have their benefits, but a new build really has the potential to transform how your university is seen by the wider world.

The Benefits of a New University Building

A new building could well become the central focus for your university, at least for a while. Whether it’s cutting edge new lecture theatres or a state of the art research facility or tech hub, a well-designed and highly functional building can quickly become the crown jewels of your building stock and a big attraction to prospective students.

You aren’t constrained by an existing building when you start from scratch. If you are refurbishing an older building, it can limit what can be achieved. A new build is designed from the ground up and can include everything that you need without compromise.

You are providing more value to both students and staff by delivering high quality facilities that meet the needs of a university in the 21st century. Attracting more students because you are offering the facilities they are looking for should also increase revenue and cement your reputation in the market.

We live in a rapidly changing world when it comes to research and development. Nowhere is this more acutely seen than in the tech sector. Many universities in recent years have invested in creating tech hubs – the incubators and innovations centres that allow people to come together and develop the technologies of the future. The scope for new buildings to change the standing of your educational and research facilities cannot be underestimated.

How Hightown Group Can Help

At Hightown, we have over 40 years’ of experience and success behind us when it comes to creating exciting new builds, particularly for the HE sector. We’ve worked with cutting edge universities like Liverpool John Moore’s, taking many of those projects from the initial design stage right through to completion.

One of the key factors that has led to our success is transparency. We work openly and constructively with all stakeholders. We understand that universities generally have input from a wide range of people at all levels when it comes to developing new facilities. You want to make sure that your money is well spent and delivers on expectations.

We can work with you at the initial design stage and ensure that, when construction does begin, we get the best people in place to finally realise your dream. That includes making the right decisions about sourcing materials too. Most universities nowadays are keen to monitor and improve their sustainability and green practices. At Hightown, we have the same ethos and only work with suppliers and contractors who have a commitment to sustainable practices and lowering carbon footprints.

Building new infrastructure for your university is a big undertaking. If you want a partner that is able to bring expertise and quality to the table, working transparently with all stakeholders, contact our professional team to find out more.