For most businesses and organisations, how your building looks on the inside is just as important as the external facade. Not only can refurbishment give your office or store a new feel in line with your latest branding, it can also help your company provide better services as well as a more comfortable environment to work in for staff. That in turn can boost your standing in the market place as well as increase productivity because of the investment in infrastructure.

At Hightown Group we have more than 40 years’ experience developing internal refurbishments for the private sector. Whether you run a high street store, are building a new business or own an organisation that wants to be at the cutting edge of your sector, working with a high quality construction company is key.

Of course, you want to have the right expertise at your fingertips when you most need it. Hightown provides the highly qualified staff and teams that can take your refurbishment from the initial design stage right through to final completion. A big part of our success over the years is because of our ability to work closely with all stakeholders, something that ensures we deliver on the vision of our clients.

We pay particular attention to our project management processes which allows us always to stay at the cutting edge of construction. That means we can advise on project development as well as find the best solutions for your refurbishment, getting the right teams in place at all times. Our open, transparent approach keeps all stakeholders up to date with developments as any project proceeds.

Many businesses, particularly in the private sector, are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint in a variety of ways. When we start any internal refurbishment, we can help you bring in the latest cutting edge technology which enables your business to compete using greener solutions including low carbon heating as well as better power and lighting options. We source all our materials from reliable, eco-friendly companies and only use contractors who share our ethos of a more sustainable way of operating. That means nothing if waste produced in the construction process is disposed of unethically – all our waste is either recycled or repurposed and very little, if any, is sent to landfill.

If you’re undertaking a major internal refurbishment for your business, you will want to ensure that business can continue as much as possible. Hightown are always focused on reducing the amount of disruption for your company. That means we work hard to make sure all the health and safety processes required to keep employees and visitors safe during your rebuild are put in place. Our teams are well trained when it comes to health and safety and you can be confident that your employees will be able to get on with their daily work without too much hinderance.

Any internal refurbishment should improve your building and provide value that feeds into your future business development. If you want to work with a team who really know how to deliver high quality construction, contact Hightown today.