Taking on a new build involves a great deal of work and expertise. Not only is there the design process and preparation to get right but employing an expert, qualified team to do the job is also vital. At Hightown Group, we’ve had several decades of delivering top quality new build projects to a variety of sectors including education, retail and industries such as aviation.

There several things to look for when planning a new build project:

  • You want a specialist construction company that knows about your industry and what is needed. That includes working closely with stakeholders and drilling down to the smaller details, making sure that the design aspects of any new build meet your vision. At Hightown, we put the customer at the front and back of everything we do, ensuring we deliver quality builds which are fit for purpose and go beyond the expectations.
  • You want a construction company that is above board and transparent. One thing that can hamper any new build is not being able to keep the cost under control. At Hightown, we maintain contact with all stakeholders making sure they are kept informed as the project proceeds from design through to completion.
  • You want a building company that gets the right teams in place at the right time. Different industries and different projects require people who are highly experienced and at the top of their game. Our teams have the calibre and expertise that you would expect from a top-quality building firm.
  • You want a construction team that maintains high levels of safety and complies with local and national building standards. We’re very strong on making sure that all our team members have the right health and safety training and our management systems ensure that everyone complies to the highest standards expected.
  • You’ll want your individual new build project to use sustainable resources and to manage waste effectively. All businesses nowadays have sustainability at the top of their operating processes. Not only do we source the best materials for your build, we maintain strong relationships with our suppliers. That means we can cut down the costs but also make sure the materials we use are right for the project at hand.
  • We also ensure that we handle waste effectively, reducing the amount we produce on site as well as finding ways to make sure that we use and reuse rather than dispose of to landfill.
  • Finally, your construction company shouldn’t just disappear the day after your new build has been completed. Our maintenance and management solutions are exceptional and all our work, including new builds, is covered by extensive warranty.

Everything begins with your vision and our job is to select just the right teams to realise this. Our experience in the construction industry, as well as our close adherence to quality management standards, means we provide a new build service in the North West that is second to none.

Our ethos is simple and is based on five core principles: Openness, collaboration, mutual dependency, professionalism and safety. If you have an individual new build project in mind and want the best, contact Hightown to find out how we can deliver everything you need and more.