The location in which we work is obviously important and getting it right can not only improve staff morale but also boost productivity. Offices can quickly become cluttered and the space squeezed, particularly when your business grows and becomes successful.

Many companies nowadays look at refurbishing office environments in conjunction with their employees in an attempt to create spaces that actually work better for everyone. Getting staff to collaborate on changes to the office has a number of advantages, of course. First of all, it makes them feel involved and a part of the business itself. Secondly, it can ensure that any refurbishment actually achieves the desired result. In other words, creating a better work environment.

The Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

  • As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest. The impact of a brand new, refurbished office will undoubtedly perk everyone up in the office. It shows that a business cares about its employees which can be a powerful tool in motivating people.
  • It’s not just about changing around the desks. Improving areas like lighting, changing a closed off office floor into an open plan, putting in new, state of the art equipment and other measures can make a big difference to how individual employees perform and feel about their work both in the short and long term.
  • Brand new décor can help develop a sense of pride in the work your business carries out and is a great time to introduce new and more productive practices. Not only that, if you have regular visits from clients and customers, it can really help improve engagement if your office space looks modern and clean.

Working with Hightown Group

The Hightown Group has 40 years’ experience of delivering quality office refurbishments to a variety of sectors across the North West and the rest of the UK. We can help your project move from the design and consultation phase right through to completion. Key to our success is a focus on openness and transparency, working closely with all stakeholders to ensure that we deliver on expectations.

We understand that offices may need to continue working effectively while any refurbishment is being carried out. That often means having a flexible approach on our part, ensuring that we get the project delivered on time and to budget but also minimising any disruption. Of course, this depends on the type of refurbishment that is being carried out but we always work closely with each individual business to come up with a comprehensive development strategy.

Creating a space that makes your employees feel comfortable and relaxed is undoubtedly going to raise levels of motivation and morale. They have an environment that is specifically designed to help them do their jobs and which they actually enjoy working in. You might want to create communal spaces, for example, where staff can engage better. You could choose to focus on building environments that are inclusive, including for those with mobility issues, perhaps by installing lift areas.

Working with the right construction team when you are planning any office refurbishment is vital. At Hightown, our focus is on delivering excellence and ensuring your business gets as much as possible out of its development budget.

Contact our experienced office refurbishment team today if you want to find out more.