How We Ensure a Safe Project Completion with Minimal Disruption


At the Hightown Group, we take a great deal of pride in the quality we bring to the table and the way we work closely with stakeholders during any construction or refurbishment project. Part of our those is ensuring the safe completion of any build or refurbishment, whether big or small, causing minimal disruption.

High Standards of Health and Safety

There’s no doubt that health and safety is a major part of construction today, especially when you are dealing with large projects. Perhaps more than any industry, we are subject to a great deal of legislation as to what is permissible and what is not. That not only includes making sure that our teams are wearing the correct, high visibility protective gear but also that individuals are properly trained and aware of their responsibilities and undertake their work in a responsible and safe manner.

As you might expect, we take this aspect of our work very seriously. It’s the reason why we have an unblemished health and safety record, with no instances of dangerous or reportable occurrences in the entire history of the company. We don’t achieve this record by chance. Our directors undertake regular, unannounced, inspections of all our project sites and that’s all the more important when you consider that we deal with a number of businesses that continue to work while we carry out site builds, renovations and refurbishments.

Working to Reduce Disturbance

We’ve dealt with a large number of businesses that need to carry on operating while we undertake a project. After all, they’ve still got money to earn and, in the case of the universities we deal with, students to teach. We put a lot of effort into making sure that we disrupt the general operation of businesses while we’re undertaking a project.

We do this by first of all working closely with stakeholders, making sure that we understand what is going on in the immediate area and the changes we need to make to our practice to minimise any disturbance. This is often a balance between scheduling our work around the client’s needs but also ensuring that the project is completed in the appropriate time frame. We can work around certain areas and segregate project work so that disturbances are further minimised whilst also maintaining a high level of health and safety.

Working to Reduce Waste

One other area where disruption can occur during a project is the amount of waste left lying around. In any construction project, there’s going to be a certain amount of this. Fortunately, we have a well-developed waste disposal strategy in place. Part of this is because we want to be as sustainable as possible by making sure waste is either recycled or reused rather than sent to areas such as landfill. Part is also to ensure waste is dealt with in a timely and appropriate fashion which means the surrounding business isn’t disrupted at all.

Safety on site as well as our commitment to stakeholders to reduce disruption as much as possible is key to the way we operate and is built into our operational DNA. That means you can have a refurbishment or construction project undertaken, be sure that everyone remains safe, that is completed on time and which allows you to get on with the daily running of your business.