The idea of refurbishing hotels isn’t new. Many chains and small operations do it on a regular basis. But what are the real benefits of giving your hotel a facelift and is it worth that big investment?

We take a closer look at the benefits of hotel renovations:

  1. Improving Your Hotel Appearance

Of course, the major reason for undertaking a refurbishment is to improve the appearance of the hotel. This can include a variety of cosmetic features including the outer façade as well as the layout of the rooms. You might want to install better technology for your customers or add something like a spa to attract a different type of clientele.

You may have space around the hotel that can be used to add an extension or perhaps you want to create a large suite for wedding parties that has a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

Most hotels are in direct competition with others in the local area and a refurbishment can really help you stand out from the crowd. People are a lot choosier than they used to be when picking a hotel or other accommodation and they really want value for money. Undertaking a refurbishment can help your hotel business achieve that.

  1. Cutting the Future Cost of Maintenance

A refurbishment is a bit like creating a new building out of an old one. That means the infrastructure is improved which could well lead to lower maintenance costs in the long term. Older properties are less cost effective to run especially if you have a large hotel with plenty of rooms.

  1. Boosting Energy Efficiency

Another effect of undertaking a refurbishment is that it gives you the chance to improve energy efficiency which can also improve that bottom line. You can sort out the insulation, put in energy saving boilers and even opt for solar panels to give your property a modern edge and lower fuel costs.

Why Choose Hightown?

With over forty years’ working in the hospitality industry, we’ve helped a wide range of hotels to refurbish their premises. Investing capital in this kind of project isn’t taken lightly, of course, which is why we work closely with our clients and operate an open and transparent policy.

Our experience of dealing with a different businesses and sectors across the UK, including hospitality, retail, education and research and development, means we bring cutting edge building services to each and every project.

We can work with you through the initial design phase as well as ensure that our renovations cause the minimum disruption for your business. Our health and safety record is second to none and we operate a sustainable policy which means that we make every effort to keep waste down to a minimum and ensure our carbon footprint is well under control.

A refurbishment can give your hotel a whole new lease of life, providing your customers with great facilities and enabling you to cut costs over the longer term with reduced energy and maintenance bills. If you’d like to find out how Hightown can help, contact our expert team today to find out more.