Designing and building a new hotel or refurbishing an existing one is undoubtedly a big undertaking. Whether you’re a large international chain looking to set up in a new location across the UK or a smaller outfit that wants to expand or improve its existing stock, Hightown have all the tools and expertise you require for a successful new build or refurbishment.

We’ve worked with many businesses and institutions across the UK over the years, including universities, airports, pubs and restaurants, research and development companies and retail stores as well as hotels. Our wealth of experience and ability to deliver cutting edge designs sets us apart from many other construction companies in the region.

Why Choose Hightown for Your Hotel

We’re a family owned business with over 40 years’ experience delivering quality new builds and refurbishments in the North West and the rest of the UK. Our success has been hard earned during that time and is in no small way down to our ability to sustain quality for our clients time and again whatever the challenge. Choosing Hightown means that you get access to all the expertise you need, from the initial design phase through to actual completion. At Hightown you’ll always get a straight answer and 100% focus on the job at hand.

We work closely with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop with each phase of a building project. We’re always open and transparent about what we do and close collaboration is certainly at the heart of this.

If you’re planning a new build hotel, you can be sure that we’ll get all the best experience and talent in place to deliver on your high expectations. For refurbishments, we not only provide the best quality but also work with you to ensure that disruption is kept down to a minimum and the project is completed in a timely manner.

Any project, whether it’s a new hotel or a renovation, has it’s own hurdles to overcome. We’re experienced at handling these and making sure that construction remains on track. At the centre of our operation is the ability to get the right personnel on site who can deliver exactly what you require. We’re also a company that takes health and safety very seriously – all our team members are properly trained and up to date with the latest legislation. That means you can be sure, even if they remain on site while we work, your staff will always be safe and secure.

Another key part of our operation is sustainability. We source all our materials from reputable suppliers and ensure that our processes are designed to lower the impact on the environment. That means recycling and reusing waste materials rather than sending anything to landfill.

At Hightown, we hold several international standard certifications and are constantly updating our processes to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our clients. We understand that choosing the right construction company to carry out your new build or refurbishment can be a bit of a minefield. That’s why we always look to build strong and long lasting relationships with all our clients and offer warranties on any work undertaken.

If you have a hotel refurbishment or new build planned for the future, contact the team at Hightown today.