The hotel industry is thriving in the UK and contributes a great deal to the hospitality sector and the economy. Whether you have a small hotel on the coast or in the city or you own a national chain of outlets, maintaining high standards and facilities is important.

A hotel refurbishment has a number of distinct advantages. It will give your hotel a facelift, improve the comfort and service you offer guests and can even reduce costs in terms of heating and electricity. Undertaking a refurbishment is, of course, a challenge for any business.

  • When is the best time to get the work done?
  • What facilities or changes are you going to include in your new design?
  • How do you ensure your business can still operate with minimum disruption to paying guests?

Working with an experienced hotel refurbishment company is important, whatever the size of your business. At Hightown Group, we bring a talented team of construction specialists to the table who will work flexibly to deliver the refurbishment that makes a difference to your hotel.

What Hightown Group Delivers

We’re an established building company that operates across the UK and we’re the perfect partner when it comes to hotel refurbishments. We can work with your architect if you already have a plan in place or take your project from the design stage right through to completion.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Hightown Group compared to some other building companies is that we’re a pretty open and honest lot. We believe strongly in transparency in everything we do and in the way we communicate with our clients and any stakeholders.

We also bring the experience of dealing with a wide range of different sectors including hospitality, education, aviation and the pharmaceutical industry into the mix. What that means is we can help businesses like hotels realise their dreams and create spaces that really impact on their bottom line.

One of the key factors in any hotel refurbishment is the timing. While some hotels may have an off-season where work can be carried out, many are open all year round. That means the building company carrying out the refurbishment has to be focused on delivering any transformation while not disturbing customers and allowing the hotel to operate at the same time. This can be a fine balancing act and requires a good relationship between all involved.

Hightown Group is not only able to deliver a refurbishment that transforms your hotel but will work with all stakeholders to ensure that any disruption is kept down to a minimum and high levels of health and safety are maintained at the same time.

Another big aspect of our operation when it comes to delivering hotel refurbishments is our commitment to sustainability. We appreciate that this is a big thing for many businesses, not just those in the hospitality industry. We recycle, reuse and repurpose wherever possible and we only use suppliers who are focused on green practices.

Contact Hightown Group for Your Hotel Refurbishment

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