At the Hightown Group, we not only believe in delivering high quality builds and exceptional health and safety standards, we also realise the value of being able to demonstrate our capabilities as well. ISO or International Standards are the backbone of any business, particularly sectors such as the building and construction industry.

These not only help maintain and even raise the standards across any industry but also provide a strong signal to potential customers they are dealing with an exceptional service that is fit for purpose. ISO accreditation is not simply handed out, you need to go through a stiff set of tests and provide lots of documentation to show that you are meeting the standard level for accreditation.

These are not just a one off either – every year we have to demonstrate that we are meeting the required standards.

For us as a business, it’s a way of making sure that we have all the right processes in place and, for our customers, we believe it leads to a higher level of satisfaction with better quality and the right processes put in place. The ISO accreditation we have is as follows:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

Simply put, this means we have demonstrated our commitment to quality management. We are always looking at ways to refine and improve our processes and identify new ways to bring value for money to the table. This allows our customers to access high quality services that are fit for purpose but also gives us the ammunition to develop robust systems which continue to deliver, help us to keep costs down while at the same time maintain great standards.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

We are all more in tune with the notion of protecting and nurturing the environment. At home and in our offices, most of us make sure we recycle and reuse as much as possible. Having the 14001 standard means that we have environmental care at the heart of everything we do at Hightown.

That involves making sure that we get our building materials from sustainable sources but also ensuring we make every effort to recycle and dispose of building waste in a responsible manner. Not only does having this accreditation give us more impetus to improve our environmental management systems, it has enabled us to cut down our carbon emissions as a company.


Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services are important in any business, no more so than in the construction industry. It’s not only our own workers we have to make sure operate in a safe and secure environment, any potential site visitors need to have the right health and safety measures in place. The ISO 18001 is integral in helping us maintain the right standards in this area and reassuring our customers.

Combined, these three ISO standards are important indicators of our high level of service and commitment to the environment, sustainability and health and safety.  At the Hightown Group, these standards underpin everything that we do and will continue to define our services well into the future.