At Hightown Group we have over 40 years’ experience delivering quality builds and refurbishments including for the aviation sector. If you have a hangar that needs an update, then our highly skilled teams will be able to work closely with all stakeholders to bring your project to life. This can include:

  • Demolition of existing structures and rebuild.
  • Refurbishment of existing structures.
  • Electrical installation works.
  • Installation of new facilities and office construction.
  • Repairs to hangar floors and repainting.

Working with Aviation Sector Stakeholders

At the centre of our success over the years has been our inclusive, honest and open approach. We work very closely with all stakeholders to make sure that we understand each project implicitly and are able to deliver it over and above expectations. While most businesses, including those in the aviation sector, want to keep the costs down, they also need to make sure they get quality work that lasts. We can’t provide this balance unless we engage on a deeper level with stakeholders.

A Quality Product with Extended Warranty

We pride ourselves on having the right teams for the job and sourcing reputable suppliers. At the heart of our business model is sustainability and delivering a quality product that ticks all the boxes. We add into this our warranty for all work carried out so, if there is a problem at a later date, our team can be onsite quickly to resolve the issue.

Strong Management Processes

You can’t deliver a quality hangar refurbishment without having the right management processes in place. At Hightown, we place a high value on continuously improving all areas of our business and work hard to make sure our core service levels are maintained and improved. That comes from complying with industry and international standards for building, of course, but we implement a number of our own checks and balances to make sure we stay on track, including unannounced site visits by our top directors.

Health and Safety

Another core part of our delivery is the high level of health and safety that we bring to each project. That means making a clear and auditable assessment of the issues and putting in measures to reduce risk not only to our own teams but employees who may be working or visiting in the immediate area of any hangar refurbishment. Our staff undergo regular health and safety training to make sure they are up to date with current practice.

We think the fact that 90% of our projects are down to repeat business with clients says a lot. We tend to deliver over and above expectations, whatever sector we are working in. Our aim is to deliver this within budget, something we manage to do more often than not because of our strong planning and resource management skills and that close engagement with stakeholders.

It can be difficult to find a building company that has the expertise to handle something as specialised as a hangar refurbishment. If you want to see how our team can work with you to realise your project and deliver beyond expectations, then contact us today.