As a family building company with over 40 years’ experience delivering high quality construction and refurbishment work across the UK, we’ve been lucky enough to build relationships with some fairly high profile businesses and organisations.

We’ve gained a strong reputation for helping universities such as Liverpool John Moores update their infrastructure and introduce cutting edge new builds and refurbishments. One question we always get asked is how we undertake this kind of work while still allowing the organisation to go about its daily business.

Of course, a university can’t just close down to build a new research lab or refurbish the canteen facilities. There are always students attending courses, admin staff and lecturers going about their business and a whole host of other activities.

  1. Working With Stakeholders

The first thing we always do is build close and strong relationships with the relevant stakeholders involved in any construction work we are about to undertake. This involves our teams being completely open with our clients and working with them to find all possible ways to minimise disruption while still delivering on expectations.

A lot of construction work by its very nature can be highly disruptive. There’s usually heavy machinery work involved and plenty of noise for a start. Choosing when certain work is carried out and reducing that impact is something we’re very experienced at.

  1. A Commitment to Health and Safety

One of the major considerations in any construction work is health and safety. That doesn’t just mean for those working on site, however. We also need to protect anyone who is using the surrounding area and ensure they are kept safe.

All our teams are trained in and up to date with the latest health and safety legislation. Each construction job will have a full risk assessment carried out and measures to reduce the impact recommended and put in place.

Sometimes, this process is a case of give and take on both sides. That’s why we always work so closely with university stakeholders. It might mean moving some lectures or classes to different venues. It could involve our team adjusting their timetable so more disruptive work is carried out when there are fewer people about.

  1. Responsive to Customer Needs

Any refurbishment is going to take time and there can always be problems that arise and cause a problem or two. Being responsive to these and taking appropriate action in conjunction with our clients is one of the reasons why we have such a good relationship with universities like Liverpool John Moore’s.

Working in a live environment comes with a range of different challenges and its always a good idea to choose a refurbishment company that has experience of this area. Flexibility and responsiveness are key, as is a strong focus on all aspects of health and safety.

If you are thinking about a university refurbishment and need a team who really know what they are doing, contact the friendly and professional team at Hightown today.